Being Intentional and Building a Career to Make An Impact

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I chat with Maria Xenidou. In our chat, Maria shares corporate journey and how change snuck up on her 2015. She explains how it took her 2 years to embark on a journey of discovering what would be next for her. We learn about portfolio career and impact learning. She shares how journaling and self-coaching helps her determine her path for making a change in the world. Listen to this episode for some concrete examples of how we can help people by making contributions that have impact.

Timeline of the Chat

2:00 – Maria introduces herself
2:44 – The decision to become a corporate scientist and her journey in that career
6:35 – On being intentional and learning from others
8:48 – How change snuck up on her and why she left her corporate career
11:55 – What is impact learning
13:08 – What is a portfolio career and how it connects to impact learning
16:06 – How Impact Learning started and finding collaborators for impact learning
19:31 – Advocacy and supporting organizations
21:22 – How we can contribute and help
22:08 – How Maria built Impact Learning
25:25 – Challenges on her journey and finding impactful work that matters
28:42 – What makes a good project and choosing what to work on
31:05 – How to build skills and avoiding overwhelm
34:35 – Maria’s role model and mentors
37:27 – Her approach to coaching and views on self-directed learning
41:18 – Book recommendations
45:08 – Where and how to connect with Maria

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Play for a Change

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I’m chatting with Brandi Heather.

Brandi’s a sought after international facilitator and a speaker who helps organizations succeed by using accessible play to break down barriers and create more effective teams. She has dedicated countless hours building nonprofit organizations in adapted physical activity and accessible sport in Canada and around the world. Her unique combination of skills and expertise in accessible play an inclusive mindset set her apart from the crowd. As co-founder and Chief Knowledge Officer at Amped2Play, she is changing the conversation around diversity and inclusion in education, health and business.

Listen to this episode to learn why play is so important and how to incorporate more of it in your life.

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Find the Courage to Be Yourself

This week, Changes BIG and small welcomes Annie Koshy. Annie is an award-winning media professional, a multi-talented media and events personality, a trained elite speaker and emcee. As a model with one of the city’s premier modelling agencies, Annie has garnered mainstream attention through her commercial work. Most recently, she was featured in a lead role in a short film. A documentary on her life is currently being filmed and she is the proud author of the book, How to Be your Badass Self, A Guide to Using Your Inner Energy for Brand Success. Annie is also part of the mainstream radio station, Sauga 960am, as part of their weekend fixture, The Source, where she engages in lighthearted banter and conversation.

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* Correction: A Bloody Mess is a short film, not a documentary.