Pathways to Healing Trauma

The guest of this episode is Shika Fevrier President. Shika is a conscious YouTuber and energy healer. Her intention is to support people all across the universe to heal, do their shadow work, grow and evolve. Shika runs one of the biggest content creation women’s conferences in North America. Not so long ago, she could no longer see her purpose in this dimension. She felt like her soul had been taken out of her and she had no way out.

As Shika went through therapy and trying to navigate what she was feeling, everyone kept saying, Hey, it will get better; this isn’t forever. It felt like forever to her; it felt like an eternity. She recovered from this traumatic experience by reconnecting with her spiritual side. She started meditating, energy work, healing, affirmations, manifestation, reflecting, and looking inwards to go through some inner growth. This made her feel connected, raised her consciousness and deepened her connection to her highest self. Shika now is happy to inspire over 70,000 people while healing herself. She educates others on spirituality and wellness, monitoring conscious entrepreneurs and beings that are going through life.

You can find her touring across the world, when we’re not in COVID, bringing people together in the media world and doing other amazing projects that you can learn all about and join her on by visiting her social media accounts. Those links will be in the show notes.

Shika is my sister. This episode was recorded on Jan 19, 2021.

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