Using Video to Connect with Your Audience

When was the last time that you showed up on video? Are you comfortable with being on video or is it a medium that you tend to avoid? Why might all of us want to create a video? These are some of the questions that I explore with Rachel Tapscott in this episode.

Rachel helps business owners share their story through video. She began her career in media as original news camera operator, then moved into corporate video production, which led her to start her own video production company That Camera Girl. She noticed the same patterns and limiting beliefs present with dozens of different clients around the idea of putting themselves out on video, and she experienced the same fear and internal battle at the idea of appearing on video herself. Rachel’s purpose and the focus of her business has shifted from simply creating videos to helping people with their confidence on camera and their belief in themselves.

This podcast interview was recorded on March 28, 2021.

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