The Gifts and Opportunities of a Gratitude Habit

Who are you grateful for? Who has had an impact on your life, has been there for you even when you didn’t realize it? Have you ever expressed your gratitude to these people? In today’s interview, John Israel will inspire you to do just that.

John Israel, aka Mr. Thank You, is on a mission to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by 1% by inspiring 74 million Thank You cards written all over the world.

This podcast interview was recorded on Dec. 11, 2020.

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Mentorship and Using Your Strengths to Grow

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Tim, Mr. Future of Work, Salau is the CEO and co-founder of Guide, the premium B2B learning and talent development Software as a Service (SaaS) app, helping remote teams and knowledge workers learn anytime, anywhere, on demand. He’s an author, investor, accomplished international keynote speaker, product leader tech influencer, and the only Nigerian African-American activist and global authority leading and shaping the discussion on the future of work, leadership and innovation.

In 2017, Tim founded the Guide group, a global movement of 300,000+ business leaders and professionals focused on helping every member lead a fulfilling career. Through his life’s work and global platform, he’s directly impacting a magnitude of 150+ million people. Tim Inspires millions of professionals and business leaders daily to embrace, change, and thrive in the future of work.

I interviewed Tim on November 19, 2020.

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Developing Black Identity as a Transracial Adoptee

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever.  It was out of these amazing circumstances his life began. It is out of these experiences he tells his story; a story of struggle and joy,  pain and passion, and most of all hope. You can learn more about Kevin and his work, or invite him to your school or organization at

Your Challenge Invitation from Kevin

Pretend your best friend’s son was unjustly killed. How do you think you would help them?

Understand that as a community of color, when we see one of our own being killed, we take that as if they are part of us; they’re part of our family. I need you to see that and understand that.

Another thing I encourage them to do is if you truly believe that you’ve seen the inequalities in society and you want to help, then we ask that you join us in these protests or doing something to make a change.

And if you’re really, really, really committed to change, it means that you’ve got to go back and do the research and vote in a way that’s going to create the change that we need. So you need to go back and research locally the candidates who support things like prison reform and are against the horrible way that we treat immigrants.

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