Replay: Be the Love, Share the Love and Pass it On

Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz shares an approach to be the love, share the love and pass it on, in community. You can join a group or create one.

[00:32] Intro
[04:25] Creating the Environment for Deep Conversations
[11:04] Building Connections
[14:18] The Surprise of Discovering Freedom
[16:46] Male Friendship
[21:03] The Importance of Different Types of Relationships in Our Lives
[24:44] The Difference between Child and Adult
[28:56] Developing a Practice
[33:13] Be Who You Are
[35:27] The First Rule of Relationships
[36:44] How to Break the Addiction to Thinking, Fixing and Second-guessing
[42:49] Three Invitations for better relationships

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