Peel Back the Layers to Uncover your Authentic, Untamed, Wild Self

Today’s guest is Elizabeth DiAlto. Elizabeth has such great, fabulous energy. You can definitely tell that she is untamed and has been doing this work for some time because she speaks so confidently about her whole framework of self-awareness, self knowledge, self acceptance, self trust, and self respect, which are so important on our journey to living the life that we want.

Each of us can take actions and have behaviors and make choices. Those are the ABCs that you can learn more about from Elizabeth’s websites as well. Those contribute to the life that we create.

Elizabeth has invited us to look at the way that we talk to ourselves this week. And I hope you will take her up on that invitation. Where can you be a bit kinder to yourself this week? What can you notice? What can you name? What feelings do you experience that you can actually sit with? What can you observe and where do you need to soften?

In last week’s episode, the invitation was to tense and release the different parts of your body. And so if you continue these regular challenges, you start to see how the pieces fit together and how we can transform our lives by taking small, consistent actions.

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