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Make a P.A.C.T with Yourself to Find and Pursue Your Purpose

In this episode, I'm speaking with David Hennessy. Twenty years ago, David created a holistic personal development program called the WONDER Technique that has continued to evolve over the...

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Bias in Predictive Analytics

Since my interview with sociobiologist Rebecca Costa, I’ve been thinking about predictive analytics and the concept of the “greater good”. I’ve been wondering is “greater good” a high enough...

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Bonus Episode: Cold Showers

Season two of Changes BIG and small will begin in two weeks. In the meantime, I have this bonus episode for you.I interviewed Sebene Selassie in

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Building a New Life Living with MS

Kim Curry got his first gig through his dad who was a radio guy. Thirty-three year later, when running the most listened to radio station in Miami, Kim was...

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Developing Black Identity as a Transracial Adoptee

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever.  It was out of these amazing circumstances his life began. It...

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Strategies for Personal and Professional Progress

John Neral, MA, CPC reawakens, energizes, galvanizes and innovates the mind think of employees, corporations, associations and systems. He is a celebrated executive/career and professional development coach and an...

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The Only Way Out is Through

Sebene Selassie is a teacher, author, and speaker who explores the themes of belonging and identity through meditation, creativity, and spirituality. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Washington, DC...

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