Using Video to Connect with Your Audience

When was the last time that you showed up on video? Are you comfortable with being on video or is it a medium that you tend to avoid? Why might all of us want to create a video? These are some of the questions that I explore with Rachel Tapscott in this episode.

Rachel helps business owners share their story through video. She began her career in media as original news camera operator, then moved into corporate video production, which led her to start her own video production company That Camera Girl. She noticed the same patterns and limiting beliefs present with dozens of different clients around the idea of putting themselves out on video, and she experienced the same fear and internal battle at the idea of appearing on video herself. Rachel’s purpose and the focus of her business has shifted from simply creating videos to helping people with their confidence on camera and their belief in themselves.

This podcast interview was recorded on March 28, 2021.

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Changing Course and Paving Your Own Path

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Quddus Pourshafie has paved his own way in the legal industry after recognizing the traditional pathways were failing to align with the future practice of law. Since his admission, he has dedicated to solving the legal industry’s biggest problem, transitioning into a future of law brought about by technological disruption. Known for his ability to think laterally and connect the dots, Quddus has positioned himself to bridge the various protagonists in the legal industry to bring about the necessary transformation, making it his mission to assist those who are ready to tread the path.

He also believes it is the first time in recent history where young graduates can change their value proposition in the market as a digital native. Lending from his creative DNA as a musician and various entrepreneurial ventures, Quddus continues to grow and its projects with partners around the world to accompany firms, university, legal tech companies, and regulators of the legal profession and prepare them for the future of law.

I interviewed Quddus Pourshafie on Oct. 25, 2020.

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Find Your Way to Represent Your Authentic Self

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I chat with Sue. Sue is a librarian at a school in Tokyo, Japan. She shares about some of the leaps that she’s taken in her life and the challenge she is now facing.

How do you redefine yourself and put yourself first after years of living life by someone else’s rules? Sue shares her journey to help us consider the seasons of life, and how we might embark on a new chapter.

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