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Today, I’m speaking with Cindy Sharp. Cindy describes herself as a continuous work in progress. She loves to learn and surrounds herself with new ideas, skills, and ways of thinking that she can apply to her life to become the best version of herself and to share this information with others. She wants the freedom to design her own life and she believes that women should lift each other up and support each other to become our best authentic selves while embracing where we are on our journey. With this in mind, she created B-sharp as a platform to share the best content and ideas that she has curated all in support of women, breaking the mold, becoming their authentic selves and taking control in order to design a life that they love.

She believes that to do this, we need to invest in five life pillars: purpose, health and wellness, career, business and finance, relationships and contribution. Using the B-sharp platform, she shares information and resources related to each of these pillars so that together step-by-step, we can make small incremental changes that compound to create an intentional life that breaks away from the day-to-day hamster wheel and forced expectations to design our own lives.

Additionally, she’s a Canadian woman currently living abroad in Berlin, Germany as an ex-pat, working as a business executive for a large global company. She’s the mother of two amazing boys, an avid book reader, traveler, content guzzler, and fitness enthusiast. She’s always looking for ways to find balance and create time, not find it, create it.

She would love to connect to women who are also looking to find their purpose and add value, to consistently learn and grow and to design a life that they love. You can find her on her blog and on socials using the links that will be in the show notes. In particular, her blog is Listen to this episode for a whole lot of resources and suggestions of a process to help you live life on purpose, with intention.

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