Trust That Things Will Get Better

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, Angela shares her journey in the past few years.

Angela is open and vulnerable in this chat. We talk about the challenge of moving back to your parents home as an adult. We also discuss the difficulty of repatriation. Angela would like to move back to Canada, so we end by thinking through some of the possible ways that she can realize this dream.

Timeline of the Chat

1:50 – Angela introduces herself
2:41 – What Angela likes about Prague
3:50 – Discovering biking as a passion, and the benefits
4:43 – Cycling in Japan, and experiencing nature
7:41 – The places she’s lived and worked
8:00 – Deciding to leave Prague and dealing with parental health issues
10:35 – Moving back to Canada, job hunting, and living with parents as an adult
15:00 – Changing priorities over time
16:41 – Inspiration and self-help books
18:08 – Reasons for deciding to move back overseas, to Japan
18:43 – Her father’s fight with cancer
19:58 – Spending time with her father during the two years back in Canada
21:21 – Her father’s deterioration
24:18 – Appreciating life and spending time with loved ones
25:25 – Angela considers the next step in her journey
30:47 – Angela’s advice

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Find Something That Makes You Happy

Thank you for listening to Changes BIG and small. This week, I’m speaking with Emily Sliman. Although she’s a teacher like Ryan, who I chatted with last week, their paths have been quite different. Emily started out working as a software engineer before changing to be a pastry chef. She didn’t find the passion that she was seeking there, and instead found it as a high school Math teacher. Along the way, Emily’s lived in 8 countries. In that time, she’s learned to embrace change and to say yes to new experiences. She also faced one of the biggest challenges of her life in the past few years. Join us to learn about Emily’s journey. I hope that you will connect with her message and find inspiration to pursue your own dreams.

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