About Me

Hi, I’m Damianne President, a curious person and world citizen. I call Prague home.

This podcast, Changes Big and Small, has been a long-time dream of mine. In fact, I first became aware of podcasts in 2011. I have lots of ideas of podcasts, but I started with the subject of change because it has always fascinated me and is pertinent to everyone.

People often say that I’m brave because I’ve changed jobs and I’ve lived in several countries around the world. The first big change in my life happened when I was 12, and had to move to a whole new country. Since then, I’ve move 4 more times, each time of my own choosing. I’ve also changed jobs, and even my career. I’m curious about the world and have visited over 50 countries. Despite all these self-inflicted changes, I like routine, structure, schedules.

All the changes within my life in light of my need for security makes me wonder about change, and how people decide to make them. When is change too big, too small, just right? As I ask these questions of myself, I’m also taking the opportunity to find out how others approach change. How can we gracefully dance with changes in our life? I want to learn from others as a way of inspiring you and myself to take action for progress in our own lives.

Listen to this podcast if you’re interested in making changes for progress in your own life.

Check out my blog at https://dpresident.net.

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