Find Your Way to Represent Your Authentic Self

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I chat with Sue. Sue is a librarian at a school in Tokyo, Japan. She shares about some of the leaps that she’s taken in her life and the challenge she is now facing.

How do you redefine yourself and put yourself first after years of living life by someone else’s rules? Sue shares her journey to help us consider the seasons of life, and how we might embark on a new chapter.

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Play is Necessary for Adults

In this episode of Changes BIG and small, I’m going to share some of the research about why play is so important. There are compelling reasons to add play to your life. Stay with me and by the end of the episode, you’ll have some concrete ideas of how you can enrich your life with play. This episode is for everyone.

Key Points

  • [1:25] What is Play
  • [2:30] Why Play
  • [3:55] Your Play Story
  • [7:13] What Can you Do for Play
  • [8:40] The Play Challenge

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