chain of pain

Follow Your Chain of Pain to Build Stronger Relationships with Jeff and Ellen White

We all carry baggage or a chain of pain. Coaches Jeff and Ellen White share strategies to follow your chain of pain to build stronger relationships. You can break the chain of pain to choose how you show up in your relationships, and to build more fulfilling and rewarding relationships.

[01:41] Which relationship creates the initial template for our other relationships
[03:38] What is Attachment Theory
[07:44] One behavior that’s crucial in all relationships
[10:56] Relationship Skills are a Journey
[12:44] Listening to the Cues and Clues and Relationships
[16:31] Figuring out your blueprint for conversations
[19:00] What is the chain of pain – First steps
[22:30] What’s it like to be in relationship with you?
[30:35] Getting feedback from those that you are in relationship with
[34:43] How do we show up differently in different relationships?
[38:44] Two invitations to build fulfilling relationships

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