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Go Through the Process to be Your Own Kind

Renita Betts is a proud wife to her best friend and she loves to be surrounded by positive energy. Her purpose in life is to encourage others to be comfortable with themselves. She’s felt depressed, stuck and invisible. After spending a good portion of her life trying to fit, trying to be loved and validated, she discovered that she doesn’t need someone else to define who she is. She now knows that it’s not about fitting in with others but feeling comfortable with herself. Join us to learn about her journey, with advice to be your own kind, as you define it.

Timeline of the Chat

1:24 – Renita introduces herself
1:53 – Moving around as a child and its impact
3:35 – Learning the meaning of friendship and how to be a good friend
5:57 – The challenge she grew the most from
7:01 – Overcoming failure and changing behaviors to create success
10:20 – Developing self-awareness and self-love, and learning to feel
13:41 – Growth and development through life coaching and mirror talk
15:40 – Motivation for and purpose of Be Your Own Kind
17:26 – Being authentic and true to yourself online
19:48 – Changing location and finding a new job after being laid off
22:40 – Advice for if you’re feeling stuck
24:53 – Using affirmations to get out of your head and change your mindset finding new strategies
26:33 – How life has changed with COVID-19
27:36 – Final advice to. go through the process
30:13 – Where to connect with Renita

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