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Get in Touch with Yourself and Define Your Self-Image

I love how Monica Sherese shows up in this interview. Her energy and her passion comes through, and there are so many questions that I had on my list that we didn’t even get to. Be sure to accept Monica’s invitation; it’s something that each of us can do every day. Listen to this episode to get in touch with yourself and define your self-image.

A common theme in many episodes of the podcast, and especially the recent episodes, is for you to take time, get to know yourself, savor your experiences, find out what it is that you really want. Find ways to remove the external and outside influences that are putting up blockers or walls between you and the life that you can choose, the life that you can decide.

If you’re new to listening to Changes Big and Small, go back and listen to the previous episodes because there is an action that you can take, an invitation, in each episode that can help you build habits. These habits can be steps along your path to living the life that you want.

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