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Introducing The International Schools Podcast

I recently had an interview with John Mikton of The International Schools Podcast. John hired me at International School of Prague and we worked together for one year before he moved to a different school. I learned a lot from working with John and was happy to reconnect with him in this interview. If you’ve…

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How to Use Soul Searching for Personal Transformation

Aruna Krishnan shares the five R’s of personal transformation and invites us to complete the first step today. She also reveals three ways that we can fight imposter syndrome, and questions that we can use to help us figure out our leadership capacity, recognizing that leadership doesn’t only happen when we’re in charge of a team, but it can happen in many different areas where we’re able to contribute towards making an impact.

Aruna is a management consultant, best selling author and podcast host. Her Busy Mind book series and podcast Lead That Thing cover leadership topics and competencies. Her company Optum LLC works with business owners to define business and product strategies that increase their revenues and growth. Learn more at

Timeline of the Chat

02:25 – Aruna’s Busy Mind Series
05:10 – How to manage and train your mind
13:41 – The 4 Ps Framework for problem solving
17:32 – Writing to simplify processes and help others
21:21 – Leadership
23:19 – On self-acceptance and imposter syndrome
26:18 – Steps in Aruna’s self-acceptance journey
28:43 – Parenting the next generation
30:59 – Books and reading
32:40 – On failure and change
33:55 – Invitation/Challenge – The 5 R’s to Personal Transformation
36:42 – Fast Five

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