Using Video to Connect with Your Audience

When was the last time that you showed up on video? Are you comfortable with being on video or is it a medium that you tend to avoid? Why might all of us want to create a video? These are some of the questions that I explore with Rachel Tapscott in this episode.

Rachel helps business owners share their story through video. She began her career in media as original news camera operator, then moved into corporate video production, which led her to start her own video production company That Camera Girl. She noticed the same patterns and limiting beliefs present with dozens of different clients around the idea of putting themselves out on video, and she experienced the same fear and internal battle at the idea of appearing on video herself. Rachel’s purpose and the focus of her business has shifted from simply creating videos to helping people with their confidence on camera and their belief in themselves.

This podcast interview was recorded on March 28, 2021.

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Fighting Racism Frame by Frame with Bryon Summers

Currently, I’m focused on a special series exploring equality, justice, and anti-racism. Today, I’m speaking with Bryon Summers who lives in New Jersey. I contacted Bryon after seeing this photo on Instagram. I explained to him that this is why I contacted him. The podcast starts with his response to my confirmation.

Bryon Summers has honed his craft as a portrait photographer, capturing classical images of guests of the hip hop and culture podcast, “The Combat Jack Show”, in addition to hosting two of his own weekly photography based podcasts, “We’re Getting Better” and “Shooting With Shooters”.

Since moving to New York in 2013, Summers has worked on personal photography projects that eventually led to art exhibitions in New York and Washington, DC after taking the stage at a Creative Mornings New York event, Bryon was bitten by the speaking bug. Since then he has used his experiences in media, fine arts and personal life to share with audiences.

In addition to creating ‘We’re Getting Better”. Summers has held educational workshops at universities and agencies about diversity in the media. In 2016, Summers has turned his attention to helping to change the negative narrative of black men with the goal of photographing 1000 men and boys with the “We Love You” project. The series was installed as a mural in DC, as well as online with the Google Cultural Institute.

Amongst other topics, Bryon and I talk about social change movements, being a black man in America and racism, demonstrating and other forms of activism.

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