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Being Intentional and Building a Career to Make An Impact ep. 21

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I chat with Maria Xenidou. In our chat, Maria shares corporate journey and how change snuck up on her 2015. She explains how it took her 2 years to embark on a journey of discovering what would be next for her. We learn about portfolio career and impact learning. She shares how journaling and self-coaching helps her determine her path for making a change in the world. Listen to this episode for some concrete examples of how we can help people by making contributions that have impact.

Timeline of the Chat

2:00 – Maria introduces herself
2:44 – The decision to become a corporate scientist and her journey in that career
6:35 – On being intentional and learning from others
8:48 – How change snuck up on her and why she left her corporate career
11:55 – What is impact learning
13:08 – What is a portfolio career and how it connects to impact learning
16:06 – How Impact Learning started and finding collaborators for impact learning
19:31 – Advocacy and supporting organizations
21:22 – How we can contribute and help
22:08 – How Maria built Impact Learning
25:25 – Challenges on her journey and finding impactful work that matters
28:42 – What makes a good project and choosing what to work on
31:05 – How to build skills and avoiding overwhelm
34:35 – Maria’s role model and mentors
37:27 – Her approach to coaching and views on self-directed learning
41:18 – Book recommendations
45:08 – Where and how to connect with Maria

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