How to Build Self Acceptance

To start off season 3, which focuses on self-acceptance, I interviewed Claudia Ira Gan last week. Claudia and I discussed how some people have a skewed sense of self-acceptance, thinking that self-acceptance means stagnation and staying the same. That is not what self acceptance is.

Self-acceptance means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, and seeing yourself as worthy of love, of dignity, despite your imperfections. It means accepting who you really are, not who you wish you should be or want to be. It has no judgement, only truth. This sets it apart from the related idea of self-esteem because self-esteem only focuses on the “esteemed” or the positive aspects of yourself. Self-acceptance looks at all of yourself and likes yourself regardless of the “flaws”, and it is essential before any transformation.

Listen to this episode to learn what is self acceptance and for some ideas of ways that you can increase your practice of self-acceptance.

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Practice Your Way into Belief and Acceptance

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Jesse Giunta Rafi is a psychotherapist and certified success coach who’s helped hundreds of young adults who feel lost find clarity and direction in their lives. As a teenager, she struggled with anxiety, depression, and chronic self doubt. Through her own emotional journey, she developed the tools and methodology that have helped her empower her clients.

Jesse’s primary motivation and deepest satisfaction lies in the transformation she sees her clients achieve through their own dedication, self discovery, and strengths. She recently released her book Life Launch: A Roadmap to An Extraordinary Adulthood. You can find that wherever books are sold. Jessie lives in California with her husband, Mark, and you can learn more about her work by visiting her website and that link will also be in the show notes.

This interview was recorded on Oct. 2, 2020.

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