Using Resistance and Resilience to Build Self Acceptance

The guest this episode is Dr. Seanna Leath. Dr. Leath and I have such a wide ranging conversation. We talk about black families, about mental health within the black community, about mothering and how Dr. Leath is currently thinking about that. A lot of her work is inspired by her own journey and because she’s done so much research, she has a lot of resources to share with us, of authors and papers that we can check to learn more about the topic.

The idea of the strong black woman is a common trope within black American culture, and so we spend some time looking at where that comes from and how it can be harmful to women and girls in the community.

Listen to this episode for some ideas of how you can investigate how you are feeling, what areas you are struggling with in terms of self acceptance and what practices and opportunities can you take in order for you to develop your own self acceptance?

Correction: Sebene Selassie’s Book is called You Belong not You Are Enough as I said in the interview.

This podcast interview was recorded on April 1, 2021.

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