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Bonus Episode: Exploring Acceptance as a Way to Reduce Grieving

Podcast Host: Damianne President


There are many different types of grieving that we can experience. In the past year, many of us have had occasion to grieve loss. You may have lost a job or your sense of security in the world, your relationship(s) may have fallen apart, your sense of your community and society may have suffered, and someone close to you may have died.

Listen to my recent experiences with grief and grieving followed by a replay of episode 20.

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Facing Anxiety with Self Compassion

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, host Damianne President shares how we can take a moment to explore how we’re really feeling at the moment. She also shares how you can use mental contrasting for success or to reduce anxiety. The episode ends with a challenge to connect with an old friend.

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