How to Live a Romantic and Sensuous Life

In this episode, David Brower invites us to find ways to add more pleasure, more joy in our lives. He talks of the importance of experiencing and savoring the moments to feel alive.

David, an American by birth, has chosen the city of love and pleasure, Paris, has his home for the last 30 years. You can connect with and you can also connect with him on his website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Linkedin.

03:09 – On immigrating from the US to France
09:58 – Benefits of travelling
11:10 – Building a life in Paris
13:15 – Lesson learned from trying many different things in life
15:08 – Defining sensuality and romance
20:40 – Redefining romance and sensuality
25:11 – Finding joy and pleasure
30:53 – Rethinking good and bad
37:24 – Working with David
40:15 – Invitation – How to have more joy and love in your life
47:16 – Fast 5

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This podcast interview was recorded on April 1, 2021 but is no joke :D.

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