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Working Together Across Timezones to Build a Clothing Brand

Sisters Chantalia and Haigann Fevrier-President started their own clothing brand during the pandemic. Chantalia is 17 and in high school in Canada; Haigann is in university in Italy. I’m in Prague, Czech Republic so this podcast episode is truly international.

Listen to find out what inspired the brand, Silence is Compliance, how they were able to get it started, what they learned along the journey and how you can start your own venture even if you’re still in high school! Silence is compliance recently released 5 new products, growing their brand.

I recorded this interview with Haigann and Chantalia as an Instagram Live on March 3, 2021. Since then, they have released 5 new products in their brand.

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Choosing Meaningful Work to Make an Impact

This week’s episode is with Adam Greenberg. Adam is in his 30s and was most recently working with the Peace Corps along with his girlfriend, Lianne. What I really enjoyed about talking with Adam was the way that he expressed his thought process. As he shared his journey with us, Adam’s had some interesting experiences living in multiple countries and cities in the US.

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