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How to Get to Know and Accept Yourself

Listen to this episode with Fatima Oliver to find out how to have a soul journey to self-acceptance. Fatima and I discuss some of the main situations and experiences that damage our self acceptance, and she shares the steps that she followed in order to heal some of the trauma and hurt in her life to get to a place of self acceptance.

Fatima is a wife, mother, and author. She has a passion for helping others using what she calls a baby step approach. Fatima has been able to embrace the work necessary to heal from childhood trauma, heartbreak and abuse. Much of her life’s journey is shared in her new book The Prescription is in the Dirt, now available on

Timeline of the Chat

01:50 – The Prescription is in the Dirt
04:44 – Recognizing the need for change
06:67 – Getting Therapeutic Help
10:47 – Uncovering hidden triggers and habits
17:09 – Finding the Why for your Triggers
21:24 – On Self-Acceptance
25:33 – Learning from failure
27:49 – The greatest threat to self acceptance
31:37 – Milestones on the self-acceptance journey
35:49 – Celebrating Successes on your Journey
37:55 – Change starts with you
38:46 – Struggles with self acceptance
40:57 – Challenge/Invitation
42:54 – Fast Five

This podcast interview was recorded on April 12, 2021.

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