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Healing Yourself Allows You to Build Strong Relationships

In this episode, Nisha Mody shares her own healing journey that she took be able to reconnect with who she is and with what’s important in her life. One of the interesting things that comes up is the relationship between being in community and being connected to people, but also having a strong identity and sense of self and being able to be grounded. We’ll learn what is the mother wound and how we might be able to heal it and address it in our own lives. We also discuss the concept of shame and how we might be able to overcome feelings of shame. We are inherently people of worth being humans, and that’s an important thing for us to remember.

Nisha Mody, MLIS, MA CCC-SLP (she/her) is a Librarian, Feminist Healing Coach, and Writer. She is passionate about trauma-informed care, justice, and creating nurturing relationships. She coaches people one-one, in groups, and provides workshops related to healing and trauma-informed care. Find her on Instagram and TikTok @healinghypegirl, Twitter @nishamody and on her website

01:47 – The meaning of Healing Hype Girl
02:50 – The beginning and working on a healing journey
08:17 – Marriage and identity
16:55 – Examples of self-care to nourish your body
18:37 – Learning what it takes for healing and being part of a community
20;51 – Companions on the healing journey
23:29 – What we deserve and our worth
27:12.- Learning about and growing in self-acceptance
28:40 – The key to being in alignment with yourself
30:10 – What it means to be a human who makes mistakes
30:55 – Invitation/Challenge
33:14 – Finding Nisha on the Web
35:14 – Fast Five

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