Overcoming Fear to Pursue Your Purpose

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Today, I’m chatting with David Stone from i-fearless, which David co founded with Gail Hulnick. David is the public face of i-fearless. He’s a life coach and transformational speaker and leader, dedicated to helping people overcome the anxieties, worries, and self-doubt that keep us all from achieving our highest potential. In 2009, in spite of a highly successful international marketing career, he worried himself into homelessness. Then, fed up with the fear and anxiety and self doubt that got in the way of the life he wanted to live, he set out to find a better way.

Now, he guides others to live fearlessly through books, workshops, keynotes, and blogs. His latest book is is Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt out of the myth that worry is required and take charge of your own life now.

He is a provocative, inspiring and disruptive writer, speaker and change agent. He makes hard topics accessible and helps people enjoy the expansion of their comfort zones. He firmly believes that your parachute can’t open till after you’ve jumped out of the plane. David is a certified trainer in the Jack Canfield Success Principles and a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

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