Gratitude us a theme that has come up many times on Changes Big and Small.

Take a few minutes and sit in gratitude. I’ve made my list of five things that I’m grateful for. What’s on your list?

My Gratitude List

5 things out of many, many

  • Beautiful blue skies two days in a row in Prague
  • A flexible job that I can do from anywhere (with safe, reliable internet)
  • A comfortable home that I love spending time in
  • Delicious Vietnamese food at Bitter Sweet Cafe, a three minutes walk from home
  • Friends who live nearby that I can call in for a walk or a coffee

The daily prompt for January 9, for the Bloganuary challenge, was “What are 5 things that you are grateful for?” I’m using the prompts to get me posting on this blog (almost) every day and approach them flexibly. You can still join the challenge.

Featured image credit: “Give thanks!” by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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