Introducing The International Schools Podcast

I recently had an interview with John Mikton of The International Schools Podcast. John hired me at International School of Prague and we worked together for one year before he moved to a different school. I learned a lot from working with John and was happy to reconnect with him in this interview. If you’ve…

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How to Make Time to Take Action Every Day to Reach Your Goals

In this episode, the guest is Diane Randall. Diane is an author, consultant, workshop presenter, college instructor, professional speaker, and former podcast show host whose articles have appeared in publications such as the Vegan Street, Plant Pure Nation, New York Times, Balance, Choice, Consulting Magazines, the Active Times, and American Holistic Health Association (AHHA). She has been a guest on numerous podcasts and appeared on television, including a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss successful relationships.

Diane shares what she did in order to transform her life and provides resources that we can use to find out what we need in our own lives, what will help us live the lives that we want. The transformation journey is individual to each person. We can begin to define and envision what is the life that we want.

This podcast interview was recorded on April 17, 2021.

Timeline of the Chat

02:10 – Starting a transformation journey
04:04 – Health Improvement
05:12 – Making changes that stick
07:00 – Overcoming the challenges to change
09:23 – Milestones in the health journey
14:28 – Acknowledge what is in the past that’s affecting your present
20:56 – Investigating our self-talk
23:12 – Using the tools you have to motivate and track progress
25:28 – Honoring yourself
27:53 – Living the life that you envision
29:03 – Building the life that you want
31:00 – Habit to build the life you want
32:28 – Invitation/Challenge
34:35 – Fast Five

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Start with Clarity to Make a Change

This episode of Changes BIG and small is with Bogdan Copil. Bogdan started off as a teacher, and has become an entrepreneur, finding his passion along the way. He’s familiar with changing, having moved to Prague from Romania, and having held several jobs.

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How to Take Small Steps To Create Big Changes

Kim Cofino is the first guest on Changes BIG and small. Kim is an amazing person. She’s very familiar with change, having lived in the US, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan. Her job titles have included technology coordinator, entrepreneur and powerlifter. She inspires us to make big changes, one small change at a time.

Kim wears many hats, including power lifting, entrepreneur, coach. Join us to find out how she made the transition from teacher to entrepreneur and how she got into power lifting. Our conversation also includes a reflection on the losses and gains that happened with change, how she manages the different parts of her varied day, her strategy for supporting changes and encouraging them in her life and her advice for you if you’re struggling with change in your own life.

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