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Today’s guest is Bogdan Copil. Bogdan started off as a teacher, and has become an entrepreneur, finding his passion along the way. He’s familiar with changing, having moved to Prague from Romania, and having held several jobs.

I met Bogdan when we worked together at International School of Prague. I was always impressed and inspired by Bogdan’s enthusiasm and love of chemistry. He is a person who gives 100% to the things that he takes on. I’m thrilled for you get to know him a bit in this chat.

Listen to our conversation and then connect with Bogdan on social media. He goes by bogdan learns on Facebook (1st choice), Instagram (2nd choice) and Twitter (3rd choice). He’s also building his site at

Timeline of the Chat

1:20 – Bogdan introduces himself
2:25 – How I know Bogdan
2:48 – How he discovered his soul passion
4:07 – How Bogdan’s grandfather contributed to his current path
5:12 – Experiences with serendipity
6:20 – What Bogdan was doing before moving to Prague
7:41 – The biggest change
9:21 – Loss and opportunity of change
9:49 – What is natural for everyone with change
10:30 – Not all action is helpful for your goals
11:33 – Two strategies for aligning goals and actions
13:40 – A daily “hygiene” practice that is useful for organization and time management
14:19 – What does balance have to do with forces and seasons
17:12 – The importance of clarity and communication
19:55 – The burnout episode
24:00 – What inspires people to make changes in their life
25:25 – How knowing yourself helps with change
26:08 – What it takes to be an entrepreneur
27:53 – The importance of your circles (communities) and finding support
31:46 – Final advice for setting goals

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Quotes from the chat

The main thing for me was yes, acknowledge that fear, acknowledge that discomfort at the end of the day but don’t let it run you over for more than needed. Just start doing things.

When I say act, I’m really talking about acting even if it’s a small change, even if it’s a small 1% change daily. Just act. Do something that will get you closer to your dream, I would say, or to your goal or to your destination. Because just action without direction or without structure can be equally detrimental.

Just find the tool that works for you, to help you even just remember what you have to do.

Even the simple act of scheduling something for the next day, let’s say, diminishes a bit that risk of you procrastinating in front of your laptop or your Netflix.

If everything would be balance, and everything would be perfect, there would be no change, no growth, no opportunity for you to find new ideas, new projects, new connections, new opportunities.

It took me a while to realize that in order for me to help others and give back, I have to be first in a place where I am settled, everything is okay with myself, and I am okay with my mindset, with my finances, with my health, with everything else.

In many cases, you are not even aware of that pain or that discomfort, because it became such a normal thing or such a routine for you that you’re not even aware of it.

Know your limits and know how you react to things and where you stand, so you find workarounds if that’s the case.

You have two options. You either get good at it – you learn how to do it – or you work with somebody else, who helps you in those fields where you’re not excelling, or just that’s not your field.

It’s always helpful to bring in a new perspective, a fresh perspective.

This whole journey can be an exploration as well.

When you set goals, try to make a difference between short term and long term goals. Make the long term goals the biggest possible goals out there, even though they might seem scary, impossible to achieve or whatever. It’s just like the peak of the mountain you see in the distance.


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