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In last week’s episode, I shared some resources to help you with self-awareness. One of them was a resource from The Chalene Podcast to find your one thing, as a way to inspire you to make a change and create more freedom in your life.

Digging a bit more into the idea of one thing, I came across a book by Gary Keller, called, One Thing. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ve ordered it. In the meantime, I’ve also checked out the website and discovered many great, free resources to help with self-awareness, with prioritizing, and with focusing on one thing. They ask the focus question, “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

I don’t know about you, but I really like the idea of “one” thing. Singular. My list of interests grows every day, and I feel overwhelmed and exhausted at times. Mentally exhausted, even. So the idea of choosing one thing, and focusing on that to make a change, is very appealing. I can do one thing. But then, I pause. Does that mean I need to give up all my other projects? Might I let some other things fall, or drop? Am I okay with that? Is my one thing something that I’m already doing, something I need to change, or something I need to add?

There’s something that has been niggling me, always subconsciously or consciously present with me. That’s going to be my one thing. I’m still thinking it through and how I will manifest it, so I won’t provide any additional details today. I’ll post about it later on the the site, so drop by to learn more. Or join the Facebook community, for even more details. We also share additional resources there to inspire each other with change.

Are you struggling with self-awareness and choosing something to focus on? If so, think about some categories that you can choose from, e.g.:

  • family
  • health
  • fitness
  • friends
  • work
  • spiritual/religious

Choose one, the one where you can make a successful change most easily, or the one that is battering you the most right now. There’s no judgement if you need to put off the hard stuff for now. Finding one bright spot, when everything else seems to be falling apart, may be just what you need right now. There are no shoulds and musts here. The choice is entirely up to you. Be kind to yourself, and decide what YOU want to focus on to make a positive change, to bring some joy into your life or that of someone else.

Self-Care Around the Holidays

A recent blog post by Seth Godin and a conversation on Gettin’ Grown reminded me that the holidays are hard for some people. Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I have often gotten together with friends or family. Being in someone else’s home, even if they are family or in-laws can be hard. You have to do things on someone else’s schedule, may not have any way of getting around and may feel at their mercy. This can be true whether you’re spending time with the family because you love doing it, or because you feel a sense of obligation. Even when you love someone, and want to spend time with them, there can be things that make the experience difficult. Jade and Keia of Gettin’ Grown Podcast gave some great advice: stay in touch by text, email, phone, with someone you are completely comfortable with. You can have a moment of freaking out with them, or share the great joy of your holidays with them. Either way, have a safe contact handy for if you need it. Even if you find yourself in a space where you’ve recently been betrayed, or are having a hard time trusting anyone close to you, there are ways for you to take a break from having to be constrained. Here are some ideas:

  • call a hotline
  • send an email to yourself with all the things that you’d send to a friend if you could
  • write a gratitude list
  • write a letter and burn it when you’re done
  • go stay with a friend or family member nearby for a night or more
  • rent a vehicle if you’re able
  • volunteer to cook or clean up if you enjoy these things, and if they can provide some solace
  • make an agreement with a friend that you can send an email with whatever you’re thinking or feeling, and send it to their email address without the need for them to respond (tip from a guest in an upcoming episode)
  • take an afternoon off and go somewhere by yourself
  • say no instead of saying yes with resentment

Do one thing that brings you joy today. Whether it’s part of your bigger plan or not, enjoy the fruits of your action for today.

I wish you Merry Christmas if that’s part of your religious or cultural tradition. And even if it’s not, many of us live in countries where there are holidays around Christmas, so Happy Holidays.

Podcast Spotlight

Be sure to check out Lewis Howes’ podcast, in particular his interview with Mel Robbins where she shares the 5 seconds rule. If you’ve already seen her TED Talk, which I shared in the Facebook group, look through his list of podcasts to see what else you can learn from him and his guests.

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