Follow Your Dreams to An Ideal Day

Last season, Executive coach Kim Ades asked listeners of CBaS, “What do you really, really want?” I think that this is such a great question to get you to reconnect to your desires, to invite you to choose. The episode, How to Uncover Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Them, is worth a listen: The daily prompt…

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How to Add more Laughter in Your Life

Ho, ho, ho. Ha, ha, ha. I was fascinated to hear and see people exercising while making these laughing sounds as I went for a morning walk in Bangalore. I never joined the class although I did try some of the movements at home. Performing laughter can be quite entertaining but are there any benefits?…

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Rediscovering Enjoyment through Play and Fun

Many of the things I find fun and playful now are things that I enjoyed as a child: Walking around the neighborhood Visiting friends for a chat Baking, cooking, and sharing food Reading books and talking about them Dancing and singing (poorly) Scrabble and monopoly I don’t have early memories of my childhood and I…

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