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Last season, Executive coach Kim Ades asked listeners of CBaS, “What do you really, really want?” I think that this is such a great question to get you to reconnect to your desires, to invite you to choose. The episode, How to Uncover Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Them, is worth a listen:

The daily prompt for January 13, for the Bloganuary challenge, invites you to dream and decide, but it’s more contained. It is: “What does your ideal day look like?”

My Ideal Day

My ideal day completely depends on my mood and where I am in the world. Some days, I like to jump from activity to activity, meet friends, and keep active. On other days, I like to wake up slowly, with a book in bed, walk to a leisurely breakfast, maybe have another walk afterward, and spend the rest of the day alone or with company, low-key without rushing or the need to keep track of time.

Do I have to stay in the realm of possibility? Perhaps I’d like to teleport to different places so I don’t have to deal with airport security or luggage. Oh, I could do a tour of the best bakeries in the world, see the most dramatic Northern Lights, visit all my friends and family around the world.

An Ideal Day

An ideal day doesn’t have to be a surprise. I can decide to create my ideal day. I see it in my crystal ball, a day off-grid, without my computer or laptop, with terrible internet connectivity, a day by the beach under the shade of a tree or umbrella, with a book and some delicious food. A lazy day with friends. This is the ideal day that I currently yearn for, and it’s almost within my grasp.

Site and dream about your ideal day. Who are you with? What will you do or not do? I bet it’ll bring a smile to your face.

Other Posts in the Series

I’m using the Bloganuary prompts to get me posting on this blog (almost) every day and approach them flexibly. You can still join the challenge.

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