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How to Accept Your Body’s Imperfections

Have you ever found yourself hiding something about yourself? Perhaps you take photos showing only one side of your body, or you only share headshots to social media. If so, you will related to today’s guest and her invitation will help you accept and reveal yourself.

Beverley Mapagany currently works as an Account Payable Administrator but she strongly believe that she has come to this world to be a beacon of light to those who are struggling with accepting their bodies and who are not free because they are afraid they are not how the world tells them they should be. She has recently embarked on a journey of being a Body Image Activist.

We’ll continue exploring this topic over the next few weeks. Today, in addition to Beverly’s invitation to look in the mirror and speak to yourself with kindness, with love. I would also invite you to do some journaling, to do some reflecting, to do some thinking about what is the part of you that you’re hiding away, hiding away from yourself and hiding away from others. Reflect on this and as the weeks go on, I will be sharing some additional invitations, some additional challenges and resources with you so that you can make progress on this journey of self acceptance as well.

This podcast interview was recorded on March 18, 2021.

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