Play for a Change

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I’m chatting with Brandi Heather.

Brandi’s a sought after international facilitator and a speaker who helps organizations succeed by using accessible play to break down barriers and create more effective teams. She has dedicated countless hours building nonprofit organizations in adapted physical activity and accessible sport in Canada and around the world. Her unique combination of skills and expertise in accessible play an inclusive mindset set her apart from the crowd. As co-founder and Chief Knowledge Officer at Amped2Play, she is changing the conversation around diversity and inclusion in education, health and business.

Listen to this episode to learn why play is so important and how to incorporate more of it in your life.

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Celebrate Progress to Build A New Habit

When was the last time that you celebrated your progress towards your goals? We get into the habit of always moving on to the next thing, but research shows that stopping and celebrating after completing a new action helps train the brain to repeat that action. We repeat actions and create new habits because of the benefits we perceive from that action. So when you stop and celebrate, you’re making sure your brain recognizes the benefits. You’re using gratitude and savouring to rewire your brain.

This episode of Changes BIG and small is is a CELEBRATION!

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You Can Get What You Want

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I’m chatting with Cristina Comunian. Cristina works in marketing and communications and lives in Prague. As Cristina has gotten more busy, she’s more extra time for meditation.

Listen to this episode to learn how meditation can help you, and why it’s important to make time for it especially when you’re busy. You’ll also see why asking for help is important and how you can make use of resources available to you, including coaching to get unstuck.

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Two Resources to Build Self Awareness

This episode of Changes BIG and small is a change. I’m not interviewing anyone, but rather sharing some resources with you to develop self awareness. There are three great resources shared. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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The Ripple Effects of Change

I hope you’ll listen to this whole episode of Changes BIG and small between me and Laetitia today. Laetitia is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. It comes up in our conversation, but we spend the bulk of the time discussing macrobiotics and how it’s transformed Laetitia’s life. We also explore the concepts of balance and spontaneity and how to use them together to create a fulfilling life.

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Use a Growth Mindset to Learn Anything

This week’s guest on Changes BIG and small is Praveen Selvasekaran. Praveen and I have a meandering chat, discussing some of the changes he’s made in his life, from moving away from home, to moving to Canada with his wife, where they are building their family. It’s impossible to resist Praveen’s energy, and hard to imagine how he survived months of not being able to communicate in school as a pre-teen.

Be inspired to make changes in your life. Listen til the end for two great book recommendations that have helped Praveen encounter change gracefully.

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Find Something That Makes You Happy

Thank you for listening to Changes BIG and small. This week, I’m speaking with Emily Sliman. Although she’s a teacher like Ryan, who I chatted with last week, their paths have been quite different. Emily started out working as a software engineer before changing to be a pastry chef. She didn’t find the passion that she was seeking there, and instead found it as a high school Math teacher. Along the way, Emily’s lived in 8 countries. In that time, she’s learned to embrace change and to say yes to new experiences. She also faced one of the biggest challenges of her life in the past few years. Join us to learn about Emily’s journey. I hope that you will connect with her message and find inspiration to pursue your own dreams.

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