Creating and other Joys During Coronavirus

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I created a survey to collect positive events and experiences that are happing during coronavirus. I received submissions from people all over the world and will be sharing them with you over the next few days (or weeks). Several people responded to the survey sharing the ways that they find joy by creating during coronavirus.

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There are many ways in which we can lean into gratitude with coronavirus and find joy in this global crisis. One thing you can do is make a passion list where you can engage in these joyful activities at least once a day. There is the more obvious answers like limit the time you spend on social media and news. I believe this is a good time to tap into our creativity. Creativity is like play for adults and so good for our overall wellbeing, yet we don’t spend much time at all engaging in activities that encourage creativity.

Christine Smith, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We live in an area where the availability of outdoor activities exists in a big way. We hike in nearby State and National parks, walk through beautiful desert communities, play pickle ball and softball. My wife Judy would add riding bikes but I’ve abstained as it hurts my boney butt.

I’ve also spent time learning how to produce a weekly podcast. It would not be weekly but for the Coronavirus which affords way too much time to be indoors.

Larry Camp, UT, USA

I’m working on my book during this time. Just completed the ‘Himalayan writers retreat’ online which was enlightening. I’m having meetings with editors and publishers about my book which is exciting. I’m also giving tons of media interviews and being on many podcasts talking on various matters. Gave a lecture to 10k University students the other day and got to interact with them which was an incredible experience.

Other than that, I’ve enjoyed meditating, contemplating, spring cleaning physically and emotionally which has freed me up enormously.

Preity Upala, LA, USA

Recording Season 2 of my podcast, engaging in enlightened conversation with coaches and healers from around the world, hiking and riding my bike, exploring the natural beauty of Colorado, spending more time with my 5-year-old.

Jocelyn Bellows, CO, USA

I am currently working on my third book, “The Odds of Happiness”, in which I will lay out what science has demonstrated makes people happy as well as what permanently damages their capacity for happiness for the rest of their lives.

Rebecca Costa, OR, USA

What’s keeping your sane or bringing your joy? Share by filling out the form.

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