Growth Through a Learning Mindset

I love learning and it’s possible to have growth through a learning mindset. I’ve been thinking recently about how nice it would be to have a year to just study, be in an environment of curious, thoughtful people who want to learn new things. Perhaps this has been on my mind because two of my friends are currently exploring Ph.D. programs. I have no interest in pursuing a Ph.D. at this moment though.

I studied Maths and Computer Science in the past but I am not particularly interested in going back to school to focus on either of those right now. I would like to know more about how the brain works, more about psychology than physiology. But when it comes to wishing I knew how to do something, I have to select language skills.

I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew how to speak Czech, Japanese, Kannada, and Arabic. Learning languages do not come naturally to me. I’ve learned enough in each place to get around, go shopping, order food, be polite. It would be nice to know more Czech while living in Prague. I stand in my own way, thinking how complicated it is and how little time I have to devote to Czech. Yet, if I spent a few minutes a week, I could grow my vocabulary and it would make a difference.

Beyond Wishing

One of my favorite sayings is “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” A wish is all fine and well, but it takes more than that for change. It requires action. So the question becomes how important is it for me to learn Czech? Is it enough for me to prioritize it above the other activities I spend time on? I guess I’m not committed because I don’t think this is my forever home. I think it’s worth knowing more Czech for however long I spend here, but what will I give up to spend time on Czech? That’s the stumbling block for me.

Ok, what if I spend 5-10 minutes a day, at least 4 days a week? I’ll start there and be sure to celebrate each day! After all, I do believe that change begins with one small step.

What do you wish you knew, and do you have a learning mindset? Will you take some action to learn the things that you wish you knew?

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