Inspiration in a Media Rich World

An Inspiring World

In our media rich world, we can get to know people in so many different ways. Even when we’ve never met someone in the physical world, we can get to know them in the virtual world. I’ve made connections in Words with Friends and deepened conversations. In tomorrow’s podcast episode, I will be sharing an interview that I did on the Nature Meditations show. In the interview, the host Jane asked me about how I like to learn online.

My sources of inspiration directly connect to how I learn. I get inspired by people who are Living a Good Life, shows that celebrate diversity and Blacknessweekly reminders to be intentional living my life, and Seth Godin on thinking and sharing. These podcasters and thinkers highlight for me what it means to show up and invite me to be creative. But my biggest inspiration is from my network.

A Network of Inspiration

For this post, I define my network broadly. It’s you, the listeners and readers of Changes Big and small, all the guests from the various seasons of the show, and the people I meet every day. We all have many things that we manage and overcome. We each have our zone of genius. There are opportunities to be inspired by the people around you every day!

Your Turn

Who inspires you? Would you like to acknowledge anyone in particular or a group that you belong to?

The daily prompt for January 5, for the Bloganuary challenge, was “What is something you wish you knew how to do?” You can still join the challenge.

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The daily prompt for January 6, for the Bloganuary challenge, was “Who is someone that inspires you and why?” You can still join the challenge. I’m clearly working through it flexibly. 🙂

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