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In this episode, Anna Garcia teaches us how to use the law of attraction to live the life that we want with ease. She explains how we can align with vibrations to have a rich, purposeful life without having to fight ourselves or others. You can visit her site at

The greatest thing you could do for yourself is learn to be happy right now, because this is where the party is. The party is in you and it’s right now.

Anna Garcia, Law of Attraction coach

Anna’s Bio

Anna is a Law of Attraction Coach living in Sydney, Australia. She has been coaching people around the world since 2011. Anna loves studying and teaching Universal Laws because she was driven to understand the game of life and how to play it. She became fascinated with the laws when an experiment with visualisation caused her to put an incurable illness (Systemic Lupus) into remission without medication. After much astonishment from her specialist, she decided to dedicate her life to the study of THOUGHT and the laws that govern this Universe.

Anna had been searching for the purpose of life since she was a teenager and at one point gave away everything she owned. She took a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience to live a semi-contemplative life, as a full-time missionary for 4 years. She came out knowing that life was meant to be grand. We are not meant to play small.

Today, Anna helps people from all walks of life, from lawyers to entrepreneurs, psychologists, network marketing groups, or stay at home mums. Anna helps people understand their magnificent minds so they can live extraordinary lives.She teaches processes to help people align their thoughts with their desires, removing contradictory blocks so they can manifest a fulfilling life. This helps them believe in themselves and have more joy and fun in the journey.

Anna reminds us that we are not alone in this journey. Rather, we have untapped reservoirs within ourselves – our infinite self, the Spirit, Universal-self who is powerfully calling us forward and is with us every step of the way.

I interviewed Anna on Nov. 30, 2020.

Your Challenge Invitation

We like to have a nice house, with nice furniture and pictures and the wall. We live in our mental house all day, every day, and it actually dictates our outside life. We pay no attention; we close the curtains and keep it dark. We don’t tend to it.

The best way to prepare your mental house is to start to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to make friends with yourself, that you’re going to clean up your mental house. Right this moment, stop and take a deep breath in and out and tell yourself that everything’s all right, that everything’s going to be okay. Then find other ways to show yourself love, little by little, day by day.

Anna also has a 30 days challenge that you can access on her Instagram. Although the 30 days are up, you can still access the material for the appreciate challenge, which ties nicely to last week’s gratitude challenge! Find the first post of the 30 days below.

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Anything that makes you feel uplifted, inspired with hope, have faith is really good for you and anything that instills fear, worry, judgement, that’s actually doing the opposite.

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Timeline of the Chat

03:11 – Why Law of Attraction Coaching
05:57 – Anna’s search
10:03 – Overcoming Lupus
14:48 – Science and the law of attraction
20:04 – Growing up Catholic
23:36 – What is the Law of Attraction and using it
34:48 – The Role of Visualization
37:35 – The role of intuition
41:33 – Paying Attention
45:45 – Living the Life that you want, with ease
51:38 – Deciding your emotions
52:44 – Challenge/Invitation
55:57 – Suggested Resources
56:42 – Ways to Have Fun

Our thoughts are creative. They are the first point or the first step in creation.

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You get to tell yourself the story of what’s really happening here, and life will move around to that story.

Transcript of the Episode

Why Law of Attraction Coaching [03:11]

Damianne President: [03:11] So you’re a coach and most specifically you’re a law of attraction coach. How and why did you get into this area of coaching? I think we’ve got a little bit of a taste in your bio, but if you could give us a bit more details.

Anna Garcia: [03:24] The interesting thing is I’ve always been questioning life. So when I was a teenager, whilst most of my friends would go out clubbing, I was questioning, why are we here? And I have these big, profound, philosophical questions. So I traveled to the other side of the world to visit a Holy mountain just to ask questions.

I just kept wondering, why are we here? Why are we here? Are we here just to go to work and then repeat. It Can’t be that. I met these missionaries and they looked like they were living a happy life and I didn’t feel very happy at the time as a teenager and I thought maybe if I do what they do.

So I decided to leave everything, give all my money away. I took a life of poverty and I joined them in poverty, chastity and obedience. So I gave up my own will and I lived with them for four years. What they were teaching us was in order to be pleasing to God, to the universe, we had to put ourselves down. We have to become really small.

 We actually did rounds of putting each other down. And something inside just didn’t click; I thought this can’t be why would here. And now that I was poor, I didn’t feel any better either. So I thought there must be another answer. So when I left there, I thought, well, I know that’s not what life’s about. I joined to find out the answer and I thought that can’t be it, then what is it?

 I was taken to a Dimartini presentation, Dr. John Dimartini. And he quoted Marianne Williamson that we’re all meant to shine and that resonated so much. And I thought, what am I going to do with my life?

I opened this book and it said want to be a life coach. And I said, I dunno what that is, but it’s a yes. So this was like 11 years ago. And so I became a coach and I got trained and it was really fun. But after a while I thought it’s hard to get clients. People didn’t know what I was. They thought I was a basketball coach. It was really hard. And so eventually, I picked up this book and it was from Abraham Hicks and it was on the law of attraction. And it was about the time when I was going to give up coaching. And I thought, Oh my gosh, this book is so amazing. I was in love with the content and I thought, I wish I could only teach this.

 Out of nowhere, clients started appearing. And I started just teaching them about the law of attraction and coaching. And it was the first time that people were actually referring people to me. And then it just sort of grew from there. And I’ve been doing that for the last five years on the law of attraction.

And that’s how I ended up here.

Anna’s search [05:57]

Damianne President: [05:57] Out of curiosity, where was this mountain where you went.

Anna Garcia: [06:00] I went to Bosnia Herzegovina. So that was a long way. I went to this little village there. I felt maybe I’d find some answers if I climbed that mountain.

Damianne President: [06:11] How did you learn about this place or how did you decide on this particular place to go.

Anna Garcia: [06:17] I don’t know. I was praying and I received, I don’t know how I got it, but I ended up with this newsletter from Medjugorje about these Marys appearing and with messages and stuff. And I thought, well, maybe I should go there and I’ll get some answers for my life because I was so lost and confused. But then I discovered later that I came back and I didn’t have any clearer answers and I had to learn to trust this inside voice. But for some reason, I had to go there. So I did go.

Damianne President: [06:50] You took that journey, but then you needed to find a different path afterwards to be able to find [something].

Anna Garcia: [06:55] Yeah, it wasn’t like I went there and I was enlightened. I went there and because of that group of missionaries, I met them and that’s how I ended up joining them. And it was really significant that I joined these missionaries, even though it was a really difficult experience because we were always getting put down and stuff. It was really important because that opened up the question of what is life? And so when I came out of that community, I remember thinking what a waste of my life, what a waste of my time. But I would not have it any other way because it created such a thirst for the answer.   

I wouldn’t have searched for the answer. I wouldn’t be here. I was asking for wisdom. I was asking for understanding. I was no clearer after giving up my life. I left my partner. I left my studies; I was three years into what you’d call college, and I had one year left. I never finished because I went to join them and everything I owned all the money I saved, I gave it all away to join them. I was really searching and so when I came out to discover that I didn’t find my answer, after all of that, I was really, you know, quite upset and angry. And then I discovered no, I was meant to go through that because I wouldn’t have the experience I have now and the answers that I have now.

Damianne President: [08:15] Yeah, that’s so interesting. And to think of the approach of putting yourself down and what kind of attitudes, or what kind of behaviors did that then create in you.

Anna Garcia: [08:27] Well, I had to take it because I took a vow of obedience, so I gave up my will. And was always about killing your pride, killing your pride. There’s nothing wrong with getting rid of your pride but the way that we did it, it almost became we forgot about God. We were so focused on killing our pride. Where was the good; what was the point?

 We were so focused on making ourselves small, humble that we would do rounds of putting each other down, and I think there’s nothing worse for the soul than to do that. And we’re taught not to trust ourselves. We’re told that was our ego. But when I came out, I discovered only you can direct yourself. That quiet voice inside is guiding you. And there was a little voice telling me to leave the community and I ran away. That’s another story in itself. It was like a movie.

Damianne President: [09:18] Well, it’s a kind of indoctrination, right.

Anna Garcia: [09:20] It was very fundamental. So it was very black and white, but the beauty of that was I started to question, is it really black and white? If this really is right, why does it feel wrong to do this? And I think that is our wisdom, like our soul, our inner being the universe, our Godself inside that already knows what the truth is, and he’s guiding us.

 I still appreciate that I went through the experience, and I appreciate that they believe that they’re doing the right thing. They’re fully passionate about it. And everyone gets to choose how they want to journey through this life. So I wouldn’t say they were wrong. I would say it was wrong for me.

Overcoming Lupus [10:03]

Damianne President: [10:03] You had this experience, which helped you get to the next stage in terms of your journey. And you learned about Abraham Hicks and you  encountered the law of attraction, and then you had this big challenge with lupus. 

Anna Garcia: [10:21] Well, I actually got the lupus when I was a teenager, so just around the time. I had it when I entered the community. And the good thing about this was they were helpful in the beginning. They helped me find out what I had wrong with me, so I’m thankful for that.

 So what happened was I was just sick all the time. I had swollen joints. I couldn’t walk. I remember ice buckets, all the time rashes. I didn’t know why, but I had fevers for about a month. And then later on, six months later, retina bleeds in both eyes. The lupus created abnormal blood vessels and they  happen to be in both eyes, but they weren’t in my central vision so they were able to laser those off. So I have this blind spot somewhere in my vision on the corner. So I had all of that happen and part of it, I can understand why I had it because I didn’t have much self-love. I was questioning life, but I didn’t have much luck for myself. And our body, our cells respond to how we treat ourselves.

I always wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be a white  person. I wanted to have blue eyes. I wanted to not be so tall, not so skinny. I had all these things that, you know, rejecting self rejecting self. So what’s yourself going to do then? 

When we block source energy flowing through us by these thoughts that are so discordant, we’re blocking that life flow and our cells respond to that because they have consciousness. They respond to the command. So here I was getting sick, very sick. And when I came out of the missionaries and I had just discovered the law of attraction, I had just read as well about Joe Dispensa, how he had a shattered spine and he actually used his thoughts to repair his spine, and it got me questioning.  I thought I wonder if I can be well. Can I be well? 

Do I get a choice in the matter? No you don’t get a choice. The doctor says you don’t get a choice. There’s no cure. And I remember the doctors would tell me things about lupus and back then not many people knew about it. So when they asked me what’s lupus, I had a whole rehearsed explanation. It’s an immune system disorder. There’s no cure. I’m on medication for the rest of my life. It affects me from head to toe. I had the whole script and I wasn’t realizing that I was creating my future with that script. I would go to my appointments and I was the youngest one there always; they were all elderly. They had arthritis; they had a lot of pain. And I remember I’d come in and I’d think, if I continue this story, I’m going to end up like that. I’ve got to change the story. So I’d ask my doctor,   can I be healed? And he says, Oh, that’s a really nice idea, but no, you’re on medication for the rest of your life. He was really lovely, but he was just sharing what he knew.

I went away and I thought I’m going to look for someone that’s being healed. And I looked all over the place. We did locate someone working under Dr. John Demartini in South Africa and she put herself in remission, but she did it through quite a complex process.  And I thought it has to be easier than that. When you cut your finger, it’s not complicated. It heals itself. It knows what to do. What if I just imagine myself well, so I spent 15 minutes a day just closing my eyes and just picture my wellbeing. And after a year, I noticed I wasn’t getting sick anymore.

And then I had the blood tests and my lupus was at 0%. So I secretly, and I’m not telling anyone to do this, I stopped taking the medication, the medication that they said I’ll never stop taking. And eventually my doctor found out. He said to me, no, no, no, no, no, it’s going to come back. You have to take a little bit of medications.

 Another year went pass. I felt well, so I didn’t take it. And I came back and he did the blood test and he said, you’re healthier than a healthy person. He goes, this is miraculous. I’ve only seen this in 2% of cases. He goes, clearly mindset is everything, but I’m not allowed to tell people that but you can. He’ll get in trouble.

So this is what I mean. I didn’t expect that. And soon after I was teaching Zumba, I was doing dancing. I was doing things that I didn’t think I would be able to do because I just associated myself with sickness. So that was one of the other challenges in my life that ended up being amazing.

Science and the law of attraction [14:48]

Damianne President: [14:48] Yes, and I think many times when people hear stories like yours, there is a bit of resistance that comes up. There is a bit of really, how is this possible? And I think it’s kind of fascinating because with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, for example, and others, we can actually see that there’s been research done with the scientific method…

Anna Garcia: [15:12] Looking at a quantum atom, a quantum atom is not the Newtonian atom of particles moving around a central nucleus. It’s more like an electronic cloud or like a field of potential energy, 99.99999% of it is just this potential wave energy, and when a person observes the energy, it collapses into an actual particle.

So if this is what our universe is made up of, why are we here fighting over the 0.00001 percent matter when there’s all this potential energy around us ready to be tapped into when molded like clay by our thoughts. And people like Wallace Wattles picked up on this, that there’s this thinking stuff, this substance that when impressed upon by thought turns into the thing that you impress.

 Whatever we’re programming regularly is actually what’s running out life and a lot of it, we’re not even aware. So any thought that’s been impressed over and over again will now go on automatic. I never knew the kind of self-defeating thoughts I had that were on automatic and we don’t know it’s like shining a light in a dark room. As you start learning more about this light, you start to pick up all the dark corners of this room that you never knew were there that were hidden in the dark.

So it’s amazing, this journey.  It was very hard to understand in the beginning, but as you said, the scientific research of people like Joe Dispenza discovering things like this really, really helped. Seeing that somebody could actually repair a shattered spine by their thinking, I thought, well, if he can do that, my body knows how to do that.

I started finding out about epigenetics as well, because up to this point, I always thought, Oh, well look, it’s in the genes; you’ve got no hope. Then I discovered that through the waste haze events, some of the scientists and neuroscientists there are thinking the environment affects our genes. And then people like Abraham Hicks say your cells have consciousness and you pass on the proclivity to think a certain way, but it’s not set in stone. You can actually change the direction of that vibration, so it’s really pushing it, definitely because this is not common. I have friends that would laugh at me for what I do, and I don’t mind that because Abraham says that this is on the leading edge of thought.

Anyone that’s proposing something new that the majority is not taking in will always be ridiculed or always sound farfetched. The Wright brothers that created the first airplane were laughed at. Who do you think you are to create, to think we can get off the ground? And yet that’s just so normal for us now.

The things that are new are always mocked or laughed at. The person that says, Hey, the sun doesn’t go around the earth. The earth goes around the sun. Are you kidding me? I have evidence. I can see the sun rise from here this way and go that way. I can see it with my own eyes. What are you talking about?

Anyone at the leading edge of thought, it always sounds too far fetched, always is ridiculed. I would get worried if I’m thinking like the majority of the crowd, because it means you’re not at the leading edge of thinking.

Damianne President: [18:57] Yeah, it’s funny because just yesterday I was talking to a friend and  we got into the whole idea of epigenetics in terms of what are the things that we don’t even know that we could change where we do have the ability to do so, but even things that we think we cannot change.

So for example, as you were saying, more and more researchers and scientists are saying just having it in your genes does not determine that this is necessarily the path. It’s like you said a proclivity, it’s not a definite.

Anna Garcia: [19:26] It’s not a definite thing, unless your thinking that it is definite makes it so. Abraham Hicks says things like if you knew what your body was capable of, you were capable of regrowing a limb, but the reason why no one does that is because no one believes they can. We’re created in the same likeness of the universe where the universe thought and therefore created. We’re given the same ability, but we have these limited ideas of what we can create because we look at what’s been done before and think about as far as we can go. But for the person that can stop observing the outside all the time and can go inside into imagination, into desire, into what’s actually the leading edge can actually conjure a whole new reality and start creating something new.

Growing up Catholic [20:24]

Damianne President: [20:24] I get the impression that you grew up Catholic, because you’ve mentioned the appearance of Mary.

Anna Garcia: [20:30] Yes. So I was very Catholic and I’ve got nothing against Catholic. I think in every religion there’s things that are really good. Anything that makes you feel uplifted, inspired with hope, have faith is really good for you and anything that instills fear, worry, judgement, that’s actually doing the opposite.

  I think if you just take the parts that actually make you feel alive, enlightened,  joyful, full of love, appreciation, all those things, then the essence of that is the essence of what the universe is about, but it’s using different forms and language across all the different religions.

Damianne President: [21:17] As you went through the journey of discovering the law of attraction, how did that affect your previous faith, your religious tradition?

Anna Garcia: [21:28] Well, because I came from this community that was fundamentalists, it was really, really strict. I had a bit of a crisis and I had a hard time going back into a church because I’d just been traumatized by this community. And I had to go through counseling, psychologists and everything. I was so afraid I sent myself and millions of people to hell by me leaving cause that’s what they told me. So I didn’t know that what if it just wasn’t for you? What if you gained something and you’re ready to do the next part of your path. So I actually remember going still to church, but I was very fearful because of my experience from the missionaries.

There was a lot of hell and going to hell and all of that stuff that was emphasized when I was at that community. And I literally just spoke from my heart to God. I said, look, no disrespect God, but I feel like I don’t fit in here for the moment. And I just said the truth and I backed off a little bit and I opened up my questioning much wider.

I then met a nun soon after who was at the university I was studying at. And my course coordinator said, you should speak to her. She’s really lovely. I ended up having counseling with her. She was so amazing. And I had trepidations because I thought, Oh no, she’s a Catholic nun. And she was the most broad, open-minded person.

She said to me how many people are not Catholic. Do you think they are getting sent to hell? She was so logical, so reasonable, so caring. She was like a life coach. She said you can do anything. She was the opposite of the messages I was getting and she helped me rebuild my life to one that I just love, met my amazing husband after. 

I had so much fun when I came out, going to uni and studying, learning about life again. I felt so free. She encouraged me to go for all these scholarships and things and I went for them. So yeah, she was really instrumental and she happened to be Catholic.

What is the Law of Attraction and using it [23:36]

Damianne President: [23:36] As we talk about the law of attraction, who is it available to? Is it something that people need to be spending years of practice and planning and preparation before they can access it?

Anna Garcia: [23:52] So the law of attraction is not really something you apply. It’s applying you, so it is like gravity. It’s just operating nonstop. So law of attraction is the premise that like attracts like. We’re all made up of energy and similar vibrations will grip together. 

 Our thoughts are creative. They are the first point or the first step in creation. So when we think, we then release a signal. Now our emotions follower thought, so emotion is basically thought in motion through our body. And so when we have a thought about something we want, it is a really great feeling. When we think about something we don’t want, we then have this lower vibration, this lower feeling. And so really we can only go two ways. 

We can only think about what we want or what we don’t want. They’re our two options and the corresponding feelings will be our indicator that tells our inner being. We have a powerful inner being. When we joined this body, we didn’t just leave everything behind; our inner being or a higher self or our spirit self, or soul self, or universal self still remains from this viewpoint of the universe.  So part of us still stayed there in the viewpoint of our wellbeing, but our physical self deviates.  Our mind doesn’t always match up with our higher being. When something bad happens, we panic. Our inner being knows our wellbeing, kind of like looking up from above, so sees the overall picture, knows the benefit in the problems, in the contrast.

So here we are. Whenever we think of something we want, because our inner being is always thinking about what we want, then we’re a match and the indicator that is feeling good. When we think about something we don’t want, we’re not a match to ourselves and so we will feel a negative feeling. These feelings come out of us like a broadcast. It’s just like a signal, like a radio signal. And the law of attraction, which is just operating silently in the background, neverending, will say. Okay, yes, I agree with you.  Here are more life experiences that will continue the feeling you broadcast.

Does that make sense? So I’m really happy. Here are more life experiences that will continue that happy feeling. I am so frustrated. Here are more life experiences that will continue the frustration? Is it worth it? Now when something bad happens, I have my initial reaction, which is okay. Few seconds, catch it and I actually postpone the reaction. Oh this is so bad unless it’s not.

I used to freak out. I come from Filipino family. So we’re a little bit drama Queens.  It’s in the Filipinos soap operas. Something bad happens, it’s not just, Oh my gosh. It’s like, Oh. It’s that you do this scream that slides up, which is somewhat a gasp and you’re breathing [loud breathing sound] like that. And so my mom always did that. Most moms I knew did that that were Filipino. And that was like the culture. And so I used to freak out if something small happens. Oh my gosh, this is really, really bad was my interpretation. 

Well, something bad happens unless it’s not bad. I pause it, unless it’s part of what’s on the way to me, unless it’s a blessing in disguise. I trained myself over time to not have my initial Filipino reaction because if I say this is really bad and I blow that up, the more emotion you feel, the stronger it is, the stronger your magnet. I want to soothe that right down.

I want to say, I don’t know how the universe is looking after this. This is all part of the plan. You get to tell yourself the story of what’s really happening here, and life will move around to that story. So I have bad things happen to me all the time, and I’ll say, don’t worry. 

Don’t worry what it looks like. This is part of what’s working out for us. And what happens? It works out. But in the beginning it wasn’t so steady. I’d be like, Oh, this is part of what’s working out for us, and then the next second I’d go no, no, no, it’s bad. So the universe can’t figure out what it is that we’re commanding to this thinking substance and would give me a little bit of both, a little bit of bad, little bit good.

 Now the question that you asked me, how do people apply it? Well, you don’t even have to know about it to apply it. You already know that a person with a bad attitude is not going to attract opportunities. You already know I was just thinking about that friend and that friend just rang me up. You will notice things. You get an understanding that the way you think will influence the outcome.  You don’t even have to understand the law of attraction. You don’t understand the law of gravity, but you live with it.

Damianne President: [29:00] We may call it something like serendipity.

Anna Garcia: [29:02] Yeah, synchronicity or thoughts turn to things. You don’t even have to say law of attraction. Law of attraction actually turns some people off. When I wanted to be a law of attraction coach I had this amazing mentor and I know she believed in it. She said to me, don’t put that on your website.

People hate the law of attraction. I get polar reactions. I have people that say I watched The Secret. I love it. And I have people that watch it and they say that’s BS because you can’t just think something and it appears. And I understand what they’re saying because it’s not so much I just think of something and it appears.

 The first thing is you go through life experiencing contrast or problems, and then that shoots off a desire in you. And when it shoots off a desire in you, the universe picks up that desire and starts creating it but it’s in vibrational form. 

Step two, that’s the universe creating it. Step three is the most important step, is to allow that answer in. So it’s on its way to us. It’s on its way because the universe wants us to have what it is we created. However, we’ve got this great wall of China around us, which is this vibrational wall.

And this is the thing about vibration to allow the answer in, which is already on its way to you, you must be a vibrational match to it, meaning you must be the emotion as though you already have it for it to pass through. 99% of the creation is invisible. It’s the last 1% that becomes a manifestation.

Now, if we’ve got thoughts like I really, really want this; fat chance. I really, really want this, but I can’t afford it. I really want this but look at reality, not possible.  They are the force. Abraham. Hicks says the only thing in the way of what you decide is your contradictory thought.

We have two things going on to manifest: desire and belief. The two things need to head in the same direction. So we all have these desires and we have so many thoughts that are in the opposite direction. I really, really, really want a house in Sydney, but Sydney prices are too expensive; we’ll never get that loan. I have a desire for a house, but I’m entertaining thoughts that are against my own desire. Now what happens when it’s not in the same direction is friction, and the indicator of that is negative emotion.  

So you must feel the force. You’ve got a whole buffet of thoughts you can select and not all of them are equal. This one, it feels a little bit uneasy, this thought. And this thought over here, that feels kind of soothing. Oh, that one makes me, you know, it’s going to be okay. And this thought over here gets me nervous.  So you actually are in control of which thoughts you pick up and you have to feel for it. You have to feel for it. If it feels uneasy, there’s friction there. It’s not in the right direction.

Sometimes you have to get off the topic for it to manifest because you have such a wall with that topic. This is from personal experience. This is from understanding Abraham Hicks.

So what happened when I was wanting to heal myself. I had the desire to be well, and I’d been entertaining thoughts that I can’t get well, the block. What did I do? I started to imagine well, I’m not gonna say I’m gonna get well, but I’m just going to entertain the thought what does it feel like to be well. Now I’ve lifted the wall because that doesn’t contradict my desire for wellbeing. I didn’t say I’m going to be well. I just said, what does it feel like to be well. I’m not activating a thought that’s against my own desire. Does that make sense?

Damianne President: [32:51] Yes.

Anna Garcia: [32:52] So it’s the same story with us all.

 Damianne President: [32:55] Well, it’s interesting because I think part of the challenge is that we get so many different messaging. So for example, some people say fake it to make it, where you can really feel this dissonance, which you’re talking about in terms of you didn’t say I am going to be well, because that was not the thought that sat comfortably yet. So maybe it’s less about fake it to make it and it’s more about finding the comforting…

Anna Garcia: [33:24] Yes. Yes. You’ve got it.

 I guess if you’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe, then you’re not creating that vibration that you want to create.

Yeah. Yeah. Imagine you got this wall around you. You are sneaking up against yourself because it’s quite firmly placed. It’s not going anywhere. You have to answer or back the door. You have to find a way to sneak up on yourself. I love Joseph Murphy. He will tell people as they go to sleep, he says to them, say wealth, success, wealth, success. He did not tell them to say I am wealthy, I am successful because he knew that would introduce a contradiction because they have to actually have a thought saying I am not wealthy and I am not well.  If I go and see a house, I can say, Oh, I own that house. No, you don’t. There’s a contradiction that comes up straight away. But if I say, look at that house, wouldn’t it be nice to live in that house? What a life that would be. No contradiction. It’s still in the direction of my desire. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on that holiday, relaxing on that beach. But when I think, Oh, no, but I’m stuck at work, I introduce a contradiction.

The Role of Visualization [34:48]

Damianne President: [34:48] One thing I used to think was always necessary for manifesting and for the law of attraction was visualization. And some of us have trouble with visualizing. Does that mean that people can’t manifest? How important is visualization versus thought?

Anna Garcia: [35:08] Not really. Some people say to me I can’t visualize, but if they’ve ever worried about anything in their life, they probably can visualize because I’m sure they would have played out the whole scenario of something going wrong.

Damianne President: [35:23] So I am one of those people who say that, and the way it plays out for me is that I think through all the steps and I get the glimpses of what it might look like, but it’s not a full picture. Like when I talk to friends about how they can see things.

Anna Garcia: [35:37] That’s okay. Visualization is great, but it’s really two things that are creating your reality. It’s the images in your mind that you conjure up and it is the daily self-talk that you tell yourself, so if you can script, if you can put up a vision board. There are so many processes that you can do. It’s not about the process; it’s about how you feel you have to feel. Around for what makes you feel best.

One day it will be writing out affirmations and the next day might be putting that affirmation book completely away and going to take a walk under the stars. It never is the same thing. Your inner being is always guiding you to something. I say, pay attention to the impulses, the little nudges of inspiration and follow through, because then, you know, you’re really guided by something that, you know, anything that sort of lights you.

And here’s the guidance. It’s always forever expansion; it never takes away from anyone. So if you think, Oh, I just got inspired to steal this money. Okay. It doesn’t work that way. Okay. 

Damianne President: [36:47] No shortcuts like this.

Anna Garcia: [36:50] Yeah. No, no. So for someone that doesn’t visualize, that doesn’t have to hold you back. The law of attraction is responding to your vibration, which is another way of saying it’s responding to your emotion. So whatever can increase that good feeling in you is doing really good. 

Now if say you go through some negative emotion, you don’t have to beat yourself up. That negative emotion gives you clarity. It then launches new desires, more things are added in your vibrational warehouse. It’s also working for you. It’s just that do you wanna have the scenic route or do you want to  have the straightforward route to the mountain? There’s many ways there, but some paths are less arduous.

The role of intuition [37:35]

Damianne President: [37:35] As you speak, I keep thinking about the whole idea of intuition, because you talked about those feelings, those glimpses into what sparks joy for you. Not exactly the words you use, but how does the idea of intuition connect with living a life of alignment, accessing the law of attaction.

Anna Garcia: [37:56] Your inner being, from universal perspective, doesn’t speak to you through your thinking, because that’s all mixed up with all the things, the conditioning, the social condition that you’ve picked up, all the limiting beliefs. It speaks to you through your feelings.  So I like to think prayer is us speaking to God or the universe, and intuition is God or the universe speaking to us.  That inner being of us is  just like a drop in the ocean of the Godness. It’s just a drop in the universal all.  So that’s your highest self, higher being speaking to you. That’s why I recommend meditation or any sort of quieting of the mind. Because the mind is very loud. It’s like, don’t do this. It’s very loud. It’s picked up all these thoughts, but this quiet voice within our soul, it also speaks, but it’s a quiet voice. So you need to remove yourself from the noise to tune into it.

 This time during COVID, people that are afraid to stop because they don’t know what they’ll find there.  When you’re in isolation, you’re with yourself. And if you would stop to listen, it’s actually not a scary thing. It’s actually a really beautiful thing because you can hear yourself speaking to you.

So it will speak to you in inspiration. So this is the other part about the secret that I think is misinterpreted, that you just think about what you want and it appears. It might do that. I’m not saying it can’t, but most likely it will come to you through inspired action. So what will happen is you get into the feeling of already having it. Your inner being now sends you signals, signals, signals. And you’re picking up on it because now your radio dial is tuned into the frequency of your inner being when you are kind to yourself, when you are soothing, when you’re like, it’s all going to be okay. When you say whatever you can to make yourself feel better, you’re moving the dial closer to where your inner being is broadcasting. And then now you can pick up signals and your inner being will tell you go over here, ring that person, click on this, do this. And sometimes it’s like, huh, that just seems like the opposite.

Damianne President: [40:18] So it turns on some light posts for you to help you figure out where to go.

Anna Garcia: [40:24] Yeah. But as you start to follow this, you start to build up a bit more trust and belief in this. I remember when I went to Western Australia, the other side of Australia, And I was in the car and I had to get to my Airbnb and basically, my phone died.  There’s no one around. There were no maps and the USB charging thing to the car wasn’t working. So I thought, how in the hell am I going to get to  my Airbnb and from memory looking at the map, it was a quite a squiggly journey through all these streets. And I said, I’m going to have to rely on my intuition. 

So I drove and I just followed punches. You know, that feeling when you just follow a hunch. So I was driving and paying attention and I got this feeling turn left here, go through this light, turn right at the roundabout. And then I ended up somewhere where there was a little girl. I said, excuse me, can you tell me where I am? And it was the street I was meant to be on, but I was on the opposite side. Now who guided me there. It was intuition. It was the universe.

Paying Attention [41:33]

Damianne President: [41:33] This makes me think that the key thing that many of us may be missing or many people may be missing is the part of paying attention. So I think that this is something that we’ve very much become estranged from, that we’ve forgotten because we have so many distractions, and we have a mindset now perhaps of you have to work hard, you have to do hard and harder is better. And so this is very contradictory to many of the things that you are saying.

Anna Garcia: [42:08] Yeah. I love how you said we forgot. It’s like we forgot who we are because it’s actually in our imprint that we are universal beings. It actually was our intention when we came here that would create in a different type of way that we’re creating right now. The way that we intended to create was that here is this thinking substance, this potential energy. And like the observer effect, when a human thinks over this substance, it collapses into a particle. It’s the same process that we came here to mold the clay with our thoughts and then to get inspired action to allow it in. That was our intention. But now we forgot who we were. We looked around us, we believed in limitation and we began to take on this belief that life’s meant to be a struggle, that life’s meant to be hard. I’ve bought into that belief as well. It’s been programmed in all of us, I believe.

 It was really Abraham Hicks message that life was meant to be fun, that in your joy you become attractive to what you want,  that creation is not that’s what I want, I’m going to chase it. Rather, creation is about attraction. It’s about standing right where you are and vibrating at a different frequency to allow him. It was a completely different concept. And hearing Abraham say, who’s pumping the blood through your arm. Like who’s doing that. The universe is flowing what you want, but you’ve just got a rope tied around your arm and your job is to untie the rope. It’s completely different. 

So this is what I figured out. The reason why we struggle is because we miscreate in the first place. And then we go to tidy and fix that up. And so we’re working outside of ourselves on the manifested when the manifestors is already old news. So we’re trying to fix something that our thoughts created without fixing the thoughts that created it in the first place.

Damianne President: [44:16] It’s so interesting because we see this in our personal lives, but we see this on a grander scale too, in terms of the communities we create, the societies we create, the world we create and our relationship with the environment and everything else as well, in terms of making a mess and having to clean it up.

Anna Garcia: [44:35] We try to always fix things at the creative level, but it’s like taking some film], some photographic film, imprinting whatever image we want on that film and then creating a photograph and then say, I’m going to fix the photograph.  Why not imprint something better on the film? It’s a whole lot of mess when you try to fix the photograph because that’s already the manifested site. That’s old news already. 

 Reality is old news. Current reality is old news. Thought is leading edge, is the current reality.  My husband said something to me. He goes, let’s get a video camera on our car.  And I said, why do you want that? And he said, so that we can tape when someone crashes into us and we can say it’s their fault. And I said, or you can intend that you have a smooth and seamless and wonderful ride. He goes, Oh, we can do that too. Why are you preparing to clean up a catastrophe? Why not intend in the first place? Why not capture a beautiful image on the film in the first place?

Living the Life that you want, with ease [45:45]

Damianne President: [45:46] So one of the reasons for changes big and small is to help people create more space in their life, to focus on what matters. My sense is that the experience for many of us is different, that often we can feel like we’re running in place, we’re getting out of breath and we’re not going anywhere, the whole concept of the hamster wheel. So my impression, for myself and for listeners, is that the law of attraction can help create some space, to help people have the life that they want without feeling like it’s such a chase based on everything that you’ve said. How do you think about those ideas?

Anna Garcia: [46:27] This is the trick bit about the law of attraction. Everyone comes to me like, Oh, how do I get the boyfriend? How do I get the business? How do I get the…. The big question is why do you want these things? You want these things to be happy. So do you need the things to be happy?

You can create the feeling, like everything that we want is to feel good. We want that person to pay attention to me and acknowledge me so I feel good. Well, why not just give yourself the acknowledgement and conjure up the image or conjure up the feeling in yourself, because it was finally the feelings that you wanted.

So what happens is people say I want my boyfriend back, and I want law of attraction to bring it back. And I say, well, it can’t come back because it’s responding to your emotion and your emotion is that he’s not here. You want him back? You got to be in love with yourself because the feeling that you want is a feeling of fullness.  Right now you’re vibrating the opposite. You’re not a match to that station. So you have to find all the reasons why your life is amazing just as it is.  You have to imagine that you’re already in the relationship.  Well, what I did, I would imagine I was driving the car that I wanted, and I was imagining that not to manifest; I was imagining it to feel good.

If you can do it to feel good, then suddenly you’re not introducing any contradiction. Now you’re not broadcasting a void; you’re broadcasting a fullness. And funnily enough, when you get into the feeling of already having it, you kind of let go of the need to have it because you already got what you’re looking for, which was to feel good.

And ironically again, when you feel good, just in where you are without needing it, that’s when it comes; it falls into your lap. It’s like the person that wants a boyfriend, wants a boyfriend. And then the desperation is the vibration. When they finally fall in love with themselves, they’re happy to not have anyone, they all come. Or when one of them comes, all of them come because now the person’s vibration, their focus is on fullness not missing. The greatest thing you could do for yourself is learn to be happy right now, because this is where the party is. The party is in you and it’s right now.

Don’t think that when you get that thing, then you’re going to be happy.  This is what people do. They go when I reach that, and when they get there and they’re still not happy. When I reach that, still not happy. The happiness is  right now. You could be gone tomorrow. Find it.

 I had a lady that lived near me and she was this elderly lady. And I remember I was stressing should we  get a loan, should we get this house. And she said to me, Go and live your life and have fun now because when she was younger, she said, well, I got to get the house. And then they got the big house and thought I’ve got to pay it off. I’ve got to work and work and work and work. And they wanted to go traveling together, this husband and wife? No, no, we don’t have time. We’ll go traveling later. Now when he was 40 something years old, he went to sleep and he never woke up again. And she said, what do I do now? Now I’ve got the big house; I have to get rid of it. The kids grew up and they moved out and I never lived out those things. And now I’ve got arthritis and I’m too old to go traveling. She’s a grandma. She could travel if she really wanted to, but she didn’t. She said she really wanted to travel with this person. Now, it’s not a dead end. 

She could travel and she could live at all with her husband in her heart but she chose not to. But she said to me, you got to go and live out all the dreams that you have while you’ve got now. Now how do we do that when it’s COVID?  I go traveling in my mind, I go traveling. I go looking through pictures and go Oh, I’m there, I’m there.

Damianne President: [50:20] One of the things I have been enjoying doing is looking at the old pictures of my travel. I realized that often when I travel, I take all these pictures, but how often do I go back and look at them? And so this is a great opportunity to go back and look at them. And I remember things that I had completely forgotten had happened, which were fun things and happy things. So, yeah, it’s been really fun to do that.

Anna Garcia: [50:45] So let’s take the example of travel. Did you book that holiday? If you’re going to go on a holiday and you’re going to end up back here, why go on the holiday. Because of the journey. Now, is it the physical journey? Yeah, but it’s mostly the emotional journey, but the emotional journey is bigger than the seven days you went overseas.

The emotional journey is the moment you got the idea, the excitement you had about possibly traveling, going through brochures, then on YouTube and all the research and looking up hotels, then it’s the trip itself. Then it’s coming back and looking at the memories. So the emotional journey is way bigger than the little holiday, the physical journey. The physical journey, and all goals are just an excuse to go on an emotional journey. So the emotion is what we came for.

Deciding your emotions [51:38]

Damianne President: [51:38] That’s a great reminder and especially with a lot of the research on happiness as well. There is a podcast by Dr. Laurie Santos that I listen to. She talks about how, when we take trips or when we spend money, when we do things that we think will make us happy, it’s not the things that you buy, but it’s savoring the experience. So again, it’s having that emotional richness of positivity that helps us be happy.

Anna Garcia: [52:05] The party is inside you and the party is right now.  I love this story that I heard Wayne Dyer say. There was this elderly woman and she was moving into a nursing home. And as she was being shown her room, she was on her way in the elevator. And the guy goes, Oh, you’re going to love the room. This is how it’s arranged. The beds are over here. And she goes, Oh, I love it already. And he goes how can you love it when you haven’t seen it?” And she goes, Oh, happiness is something that you decide beforehand. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the furniture’s arranged. It has to do with how you arrange your mind.

Challenge/Invitation [52:44]

Damianne President: [52:44] We’re almost out of time. For listeners who want to live a life in alignment, who wants to be happy, do you have an invitation or a challenge of something that people can do, some action that they can spend some time on even today.

Anna Garcia: [53:01] It’s interesting because I don’t normally do challenges, but I felt my inner being guide me to set up a challenge. So I set up a 30 day challenge. We’re up to date eight today, which I’ve been posting on my Instagram. And it’s an appreciation challenge. I hear people saying, I just want to get over to 2020 and just get us over to 2021.

Now, the reason why that doesn’t work is because we carry our vibration with us. We carry our thoughts into 2021. You can never get rid of something. You can only move towards something. And so rather than letting COVID and all the problems take our power, because this is what we’re doing. When we say I can’t be happy until this gets changed, or until you behave nice or until that driver behaves himself, then we are actually giving them the power to our happiness. We actually hand them the keys to our happiness. So rather than let all the challenges of 2020 hold our keys, this appreciation challenge lets us take the keys back, and sets the vibration to welcome a new year 2021 the right way.

So that is on my Instagram, which is @anagarcialifecoach. As well as that, I’ve got a free handbook on the five mistakes in manifesting on my website. At the moment I’m doing it. I don’t know; I’m getting really busy with these, but a free 30 minute coaching call, and that’s through my website as well on

I’m getting inundated with people wanting to book; I can only hold so many of them. But the challenge is a great way to turn your vibration around. It’s so easy to look at what’s going wrong because it’s a habit. To look for what’s going right, you need to build that habit.

Damianne President: [54:55] So if somebody has one minute right now at the end of the podcast, what’s something that they can do even before they go to your Instagram.

Anna Garcia: [55:04] They can take a deep breath in and out and tell themselves that it’s all right, that everything’s going to be okay. I’m going to make friends with myself, that I’m going to clean up my mental house. So we like to have a nice house. We’d like to get nice furniture and nice pictures on the wall, but our mental health, which is the real house we live in 24 seven that’s actually dictating all the outside life, we pay no attention to. We’d close the curtains. We keep it dark. We let it build up. We don’t tend to it. So the best way to prepare your mental house is to start to be kind to yourself. Start to be, Hey, it’s okay. Be soothing. Be okay with you.  Show some love to yourself, little by little.

Recommended Resources [55:57]

Damianne President: [55:57] Do you have any suggestions of other resources, media, podcasts, books.

Anna Garcia: [56:03] I’m a big fan of Abraham Hicks because that was the turning point for me. But if you are scientifically inclined,  Joe Dispensa is so good. But Abraham Hicks has a really great book called Sarah book series and they’re written for children; they’re written for ten-year-olds. So it’s like imagine law of attraction basic, in a form that a 10 year old can understand. And that is a series of books, Sarah books one, two, three. If you can even just read Sarah Book 1, that’s quite amazing, profound and simple as a start to understanding law of attraction. 

Ways to Have Fun [56:42]

Damianne President: [56:42] A last question today. You talk about how important fun is and joy and positive energy. What’s your favorite way to play or to have fun?

Anna Garcia: [56:51] Oh, music, dancing. Music is a great way to change your vibration. Just put it on and just go dance like no one can see you. Just dance like crazy. Or if you’re not into dancing, just ask yourself what is really fun to you for me? I like to walk and look at the stars.

I like to get out of the house; it’s important to get out of the house. When you’re in the house, you’re only seeing this little bit. I know it depends on the restrictions in COVID, but if you can take a walk and look up at the sky and see how much greater this universe is. And your limited thinking will open up. 

What’s suspending this planet in the middle of a void. Surely the energy that has the ability to do that has the ability to sort out my tiny little problems, which look big to me.

 Damianne President: [57:42] When I lived in Sudan, the business manager at my school where I worked was, still is, Filipino. And she had a karaoke machine.

And so my question was going to be is this very popular in the Philippines, within Filipino culture,to do karaoke. 

Anna Garcia: [58:10] It’s a basic household item for any Asian. That’s a good thing I think about Filipinos is yes, they get dramatic, but they know how to have fun. There’s a guitar somewhere in the house, in every house, there’s a karaoke, there’s dancing. Like you don’t just go over, walk over there, you dance over there. That’s what I love about it and anything that sort of lets you loose, makes you chill a little bit more. 

Abraham Hicks says if you’re not having fun, you’re missing the whole point, because your inner being is always throwing a party. It’s always celebrating.

Damianne President: [58:45] So join it.

Anna Garcia: [58:46] Join in. Anything for fun, I refuse to do anything that’s not fun. It has to be fun. So it’s the best way to raise the vibration.

Damianne President: [58:57] Thank you so much for chatting with me today. It’s been great.

Anna Garcia: [59:01] You’re welcome Thank you for having me.

99% of the creation is invisible. It’s the last 1% that becomes a manifestation.


Pay attention to the impulses, the little nudges of inspiration and follow through.

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