Challenging Prejudice and Building a Life of Purpose Episode 24

In this episode of Changes Big and Small, I chat with Avril Matsui. Born in the UK, Avril has lived in Japan for the past 26 years. We speak about race and prejudice, and what it’s like living as a black woman in Japan. She also shares her purpose and how she discovered it.

Listen to this episode to learn some great strategies for finding your purpose and making positive changes in your life. Avril inspires us with questions that we can ask to help us make sure that we are living full lives, in our integrity.

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Find Something That Makes You Happy

Thank you for listening to Changes BIG and small. This week, I’m speaking with Emily Sliman. Although she’s a teacher like Ryan, who I chatted with last week, their paths have been quite different. Emily started out working as a software engineer before changing to be a pastry chef. She didn’t find the passion that she was seeking there, and instead found it as a high school Math teacher. Along the way, Emily’s lived in 8 countries. In that time, she’s learned to embrace change and to say yes to new experiences. She also faced one of the biggest challenges of her life in the past few years. Join us to learn about Emily’s journey. I hope that you will connect with her message and find inspiration to pursue your own dreams.

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Say Yes to Finding the Possible

On this episode of Changes BIG and small, I’m chatting with Ryan Mallonne. Ryan currently works as a classroom teacher at an international school in Prague. He loves teaching Grade 4. Having lived in several countries since his early twenties, Ryan shares some fascinating experiences such as serving in the Peace Corps and his two week silent retreats in Thailand. Listen on to find out his thoughts about change and why he thinks he can live in a cardboard box. 

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