Bonus Episode: Join the Speak Easy Virtual Therapy May 2021 Challenge

This is a bonus episode. The regularly scheduled episode on self acceptance will come out tomorrow. Last week, I had an interview with Sarah Eames, who’s a psychotherapist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her interview won’t come out until the end of May so I’m releasing a snippet from that episode to share her May challenge with you. You can join the challenge from her feed on Instagram, at speakeasyvirtualtherapy_.

Speak Easy Virtual Therapy and The Gym Howth (@thegymhowth), a Dublin gym are partnering for this challenge. The owner of the gym, Erica, has been noticing that clients of hers are struggling because it’s all virtual. The challenge is to help people that are struggling with motivation, not just with fitness at the moment, but across the board. The challenge is free for anyone to participate in.

All you have to do is message Sarah or Erica through Instagram or email Sarah from her website Then you will receive a packet from them worksheets to make a plan and to log your progress. At the end of each week, you will check in with them on your progress in meeting your goal.

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Each participant gets to set their own goal so it’s very individual. As soon as you get the worksheets, you can start working through them, and you have the accountability factor with weekly check-ins. At the end of that, for people who do complete the challenge, they will get access to some virtual workouts and CBT therapy sessions.

Erica will also be doing a live to talk about motivation, the barriers that get in the way from a physical standpoint, as well as a mental health standpoint. Both elements are important because here’s such a correlation between your physical and your mental health.

The pandemic is really hard for many of us so choose what feels right for you. Accept yourself and start right where you are. The goal isn’t to push yourself, no pain no gain or any of that stuff. It’s more about how do I keep this piece of slowing down or how do I integrate that into my life or going for my walk because I need the clarity.

You can go reach out to Sarah on Instagram or through her website, Her email address is also on that page if you prefer email. I hope to see you in the May challenge.

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