The Joy of Cooking During Coronavirus

I created a survey to collect positive events and experiences that are happing during coronavirus. I received submissions from people all over the world and will be sharing them with you over the next few days (or weeks). Several people responded to the survey sharing the ways that they find joy in cooking.

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I love cooking and even before this period, I cooked every night, but since COVID19 I’ve been taking on more ambitious projects, usually involving dough and this has been giving me a ton of joy. I’ve made hand-pulled Chinese noodles, Russian pelmeni, so many kinds of bread, etc. There’s something about the rhythmic nature of working with dough that is really calming. I’m also taking time to plate our nightly dinners nicely, instead of just letting my family serve themselves out of the cooking pots. It’s a nice ritual to slow down and it’s making things feel special, even when we can’t go out. This daily process also forces me out of my business mind, so I can focus on family.

Alexis Haselberger, CA, USA

I’m having so much fun in the kitchen right now. I’m living in California again and having access to ingredients that are familiar to me (and the ability to read labels without the aid of a translator) is bringing me such pleasure. I’ve got a sourdough starter that I’m growing and tonight will make pizza with it. At the farmer’s market today I got cherries which are one of life’s biggest pleasures for me. So basically, I’m really enjoying eating, LOL.

Emily Sliman, CA, USA

I just started baking bread for the first time! I’ve also been a little bit wary of my small Japanese convection oven. I’ve baked a garlic, parmesan, herb loaf several times now and am LOVING IT! I also can finally take advantage of my balcony since I’m working from home and having breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner out there in the sun with the mountains in front of me. Definitely not an option before!

Angela Ngan, Japan

During this time of coronavirus, I have taken the opportunity to make dishes from around the world and recreating some of my childhood memories by making dishes from my country of birth. I have also started writing short stories.

Coletta Aruoma, CA, USA

Cooking and creating!

Cece Heart, Bali

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Featured image photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

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