Connecting with Others During Coronavirus

I created a survey to collect positive events and experiences that are happing during coronavirus. I received submissions from people all over the world and will be sharing them with you over the next few days (or weeks). Several people responded to the survey sharing the ways that they find joy by connecting with others and spending time with family.

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Reconnecting with old friends. I’ve been in touch with old friends over the years and always made a point to visit each other through the years, but it never dawned on us to connect virtually. Now virtual cocktails, parties & video conversations are a thing thanks to the virus. We are all looking to connect in a way that we never thought of before, now that we don’t have the option to travel. Another thing is experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve always cooked, but now a lot more and cracking open cookbooks that we’ve had, but never used. It’s been quite fun discovering new tastes and new ways to cook old faves. Putting raisins, nuts, cinnamon, and other things in basmati rice was a total game changer for us. So easy to do at home.

Deirdre Nelson, Listen to Your Gut, episode 31

— Going for walks
— Therapy
— Calling my parents daily and nana’s weekly.
— FaceTime lunches with my friends.
— Appreciating the little things (like the birds chirping).
— Hulu and Netflix (yes, that includes TigerKing).

Kyle Elliott, CA, USA

Spending time with my family.

Fabienne Raphael, Montreal, Canada

Time with my three kids.

Geiffrey, PA, USA

What’s keeping your sane or bringing your joy? Share by filling out the form.

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