Self-Care During Coronavirus

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I created a survey to collect positive events and experiences that are happing during coronavirus. I received submissions from people all over the world and will be sharing them with you over the next few days (or weeks). Several people responded to the survey sharing different ways that they are practicing self-care.

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I am finding joy, peace and sanity in meditation. I spend time each day observing the natural flow and organic occurrences of nature and intentional design of our planet. In that I have found great confidence in how orderly and on purpose all things are created and occur and it causes me to apply that truth to our current circumstance. The natural occurrences such as the rising and setting of the sun are out of our control and so are these time and yet they all have a purpose, a time and place in our lives for reason we may never understand but can observe and embrace.

Treveal C.W. Lynch, Los Angeles, CA

Staying in the moment, enjoying the family, not minding mess but also cleaning the forgotten corners, making product, helping others via the various internet abled methods. Embracing the concept of finding a new, very wonderful way to love others by being careful with myself. And more…

Lynette L, Simi Valley, CA

I feel that taking care of myself by going for a ran each morning has helped me to stay sane and extend a helping hand to everyone. My joyful moments are calling friends and acquaintances all over the world to share encouraging thoughts with them. Sometimes, after just listening for a long time, the person on the other side of the call often says, “Thanks for calling because I had all these things running in my head that I didn’t know what to do. You helped me to muster up and look at things from the positive side”. Other things that bring me joy are watching my home plant grow each day and making up recipes of delicious food from leftovers in my refrigerator or storage. I am thankful for each day and overjoyed to see my children doing well on Zoom every day!

Samira Bello, Life in the Time of Coronavirus, episode 28

The slower pace is beautiful. It’s allowed me to stop pushing boulders uphill and reconnect to what makes me happy.

Alison, Vancouver Island, Canada

As a business owner and CEO, I find little time for myself, for my sanity. Finding myself again, and activities I enjoy 🙂

Elizabeth Pampalone, Jacksonville, FL

Reading books, cooking, walking, video chat with family, watching movies.

Sara Safari, Irvine, CA

Laughing at my mistakes. Sitting in the sanctuary of my garden. Watching funny clips

Leigh Joy, South Africa

Find the joy in the little things. Listening to the quiet in the evening, the birds chirping in the morning, walks with my wife and children all bring me joy. The commitment of others who are helping the sick in this world is inspiring. As a real estate agent, I work long hours and with the virus, I have still been able to work but in a different way,still being productive and being home for dinner every night.

Robert Commodari, MD, USA

What’s keeping your sane or bringing your joy? Share by filling out the form.

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