How the Ripple Effects of Change Build a New Identity

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Laetitia is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. It comes up in our conversation, but we spend the bulk of the time discussing macrobiotics and how it’s transformed Laetitia’s life. We also explore the concepts of balance and spontaneity. Through incremental changes in her life, Laetitia organically was able to build a new identity.

When I interviewed Laetitia, she was preparing for her visit to India. She’s made it to Goa. Laetitia, we’ll all waiting for a post with at least some pictures on your blog 😉

Timeline of the Chat

0:52 – Laetitia introduces herself
1:13 – Laetitia’s work as a Happiness Engineer
1:46 – What she’s excited about right now
1:53 – Deciding and preparing for a trip to India
4:41 – Laetitia’s approach to change
5:20 – Travel plans while visiting India
6:56 – Some of the changes Laetitia has made in her life
7:57 – The BIGGEST change
9:06 – How she discovered macrobiotics
11:17 – More on macrobiotics
12:27 – Challenges encountered with change
14:01 – Changes to macrobiotics lifestyle
15:46 – The effect of culture on mindset
17:19 – Living with both spontaneity and planning
19:43 – What it means to be balanced
23:13 – What Laetitia struggles with and what scares her
25:18 – Feeling pressure
27:06 – Advice if you want to make a change in your life

If you’re wondering what a kenzan is, mine looked something like this.

Quotes from the chat

I love change and I cannot live without it.

I really live to have time and space to be spontaneous … that’s where a lot of the learning and growing come from.

That was the first hint I got of how much I love change, and love to know new stuff, and love to be out of my comfort zone.

I’m not gonna say it was easy, but it was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.

If you can adapt easily, and if your body and your mind doesn’t suffer from those changes, then you are considered healthy.

It’s important to have a general idea of how things would go and at the same time, leave space for whatever comes up that we’re not expecting.

Each person should eat what’s best for them.

I try to start [changes] small and build on that.

It’s not always easy to be flexible when you make a choice and you’re 100% convinced that that’s the right one.

Only when you’re able to actually master your time … then that’s when you can actually be free.

I think balance is what allows this adaptability … being balanced is having time for everything.

Usually the best that could happen wins over the worst that could happen.

Laetitia, holding the first onions that she grew at her home in the countryside outside Lisbon
Laetitia, holding the first onions that she grew at her home in the countryside outside Lisbon

There is nothing wrong with failure. There is a lot of good stuff coming from failure, always.


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