Change Starts With One Small Step ep. 1


Today’s guest is Kim Cofino. Kim is an amazing person. She’s very familiar with change, having lived in the US, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan. Her job titles have included technology coordinator, entrepreneur and powerlifter.

I first learned about Kim when I was a technology coordinator at Khartoum American school in Sudan. I was in charge of designing the technology curriculum at that school, and came across Kim’s work at International School of Bangkok. She greatly inspired me in my work. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with her today and share her story with you.

Listen to our chat and then learn more about Kim on her website. You can find links to all her social media there, and may especially want to check out her Instagram for powerlifting photos.

Timeline of the Chat

1:27 – Kim introduces herself
1:57 – Journey from teacher to entrepreneur
3:43 – The losses and gains of her transition
5:02 – Her typical day
6:23 – The favourite part of her day
6:32 – what she likes best about her work
7:06 – Strategies for managing her day
8:32 – Processes and workflows for prioritization
10:37 – How an unexpected event lead Kim to make a drastic change in her life
12:03 – Her realized that she has can develop new habits
12:50 – How she got into Powerlifting
13:13 – What lifting has changed for her
14:09 – How she schedules her day to fit her energy levels
16:45 – What she’s learned about change
18:22 – Advice to help someone transition to making changes in their life
20:09 – The Biggest Change
20:50 – How changes connect to each other
22:57 – How defining ourselves help with decision-making
25:05 – How to use the power of small changes
26:49 – Deciding on new opportunities
28:31 – Strategies for developing skills
30:20 – How to decide when to quit
31:50 – Knowing when to let go
33:20 – Kim’s most important advice
33:40 – How to connect with Kim

Quotes from the chat

I have realized that I am able to separate myself from my company so when things go wrong, it’s just a puzzle to solve.

Every day I’m doing the task that must be done.

You don’t need to have a three year plan the first day you try something.

I guess even the times when you think are times that are not important to helping you be the person you wanna be, they might be more important than you think.

It makes it so easy to make choices when you can describe yourself as something.

I think we don’t often reflect on our habits and how they actually impact our lives because we are just so used to them. So once you make a new habit you don’t think about it, you just do it. And now look at the impact that’s having 3, 4, 5 years later because or this habit you just do.

There’s always an opportunity to learn

The separation of myself as a human being from that puzzle, that was the most important part for me to be able to look at all these random things that were going on and saying okay, I can figure that one out.

It’s not saying anything about me, what I know, what I can do, who I am, what kind of person I am. It’s this thing and I’m gonna look at this thing and figure out all the pieces and see is there’s something for me there or not.

If I do something successfully, then I haven’t always had an opportunity for learning there. But if something goes wrong, I realize oh if I had done this, the outcome would have been this way. So the next time I have an experience like that, let’s try a different path, try the path I thought about the last time I made a mistake.

If you have a goal and you feel like it’s insurmountable, the most important thing is to take that first step, no matter how small it is. The smallest possible step you can take is infinitely more powerful that not doing anything at all.


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2 comments on “Change Starts With One Small Step ep. 1

  1. Lae Mendes says:

    Thanks for putting this together, it was great to listen to and looking forward to the next one!
    Really like this topic and its amazing to see how changes lead to one another and, as Kim says, how we can start small and go from there 🙂

  2. Damianne says:

    its amazing to see how changes lead to one another and, as Kim says, how we can start small and go from there

    Exactly, Lae! I definitely get motivation by successes, even small ones so I can see how that starting small can have a domino effect!

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