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* Correction: A Bloody Mess is a short film, not a documentary.


Today, I’m chatting with Annie Koshy. Annie is an award-winning media professional, a multi-talented media and events personality, a trained elite speaker and emcee. As a model with one of the city’s premier modelling agencies, Annie has garnered mainstream attention through her commercial work. Most recently, she was featured in a lead role in a short film, A Bloody Mess. A documentary on her life is currently being filmed and she is the proud author of the book, How to Be your Badass Self, A Guide to Using Your Inner Energy for Brand Success. Annie is also part of the mainstream radio station, Sauga 960am,  as part of their weekend fixture, The Source, where she engages in light hearted banter and conversation.

In our conversation today, we talk about the many significant changes she’s made in her life, including finding and prioritizing her passions. This involved preparation, planning, sacrifice. Annie advises us how we can make changes in our own lives with faith, determination, and grace. Annie’s story is inspirational and her words of wisdom are steeped in experience and cultural diversity. 

Learn about Annie by visiting her website You can also find her with several identities on social media:

GTA South Asian Media Network
Annie J
Annie J Koshy – Media Consultant
LAVA Lounge
Annie J Koshy
Annie J Koshy – Media Consultant
Annie K

Your tip from today’s interview is: Is there something that has always been interesting to you but you’ve kept it aside because of your culture or because of your community? Maybe it’s time for you to explore that.

Timeline of the Chat

1:29 – Annie introduces herself
2:30 – How I know Annie
2:53 – How she learns new things
5:59 – Beliefs about change
7:41 – What makes change graceful
9:34 – Biggest Change
11:45 – Challenges from the biggest change
13:06 – Noticing change over time
15:35 – Dealing with fear
18:52 – How changes work together and lessons learned
20:57 – Priorities every day
23:49 – The strength of your community
25:52- Advice to make a change in your life
29:14 – Mentors and sources of inspiration/motivation
30:58 – Gratitude
33:16 – Where to connect with Annie

Quotes from the chat

There’s so much information out there it’s just a matter of sitting down and finding time and also finding out things in the way that you learn best.

I surrounded myself with mentors or people who played the game better than myself.

… if you want to improve your game, the best way to do that is to play with someone who’s better than yourself. Because then you’re able to step up the game a little bit.

I always had people around me who either knew their things better or I could learn from or who were great mentors and who took me under their wing…

When you resist change, that’s when either you begin to stagnate or you get yourself stressed.

That attitude, that open-mindedness, of being able to go with the flow, really has been one of the key indicators of whether you’re going to be able to handle stress and handle change and take it in stride.

You don’t realize how strong you are until you have nothing but your strength to rely on.

I think we all have areas of pain in our life. We wouldn’t be who we are [otherwise].

I surround myself with people who lift me up now.

If you are at peace within yourself, that resonates so high in frequency that other people are drawn to that and they themselves are able to resonate with a balance and a frequency that brings peace with their life

You cannot fast forward life and you cannot fast forward experiences.

When you have a mind of giving and a heart of giving, you don’t need to worry about where tomorrow’s going to come from. Tomorrow happens on its own then.

You are in control of what you allow to affect you.

Change doesn’t happen just because you think of the change. Change happens through a series of small steps that you make, and those steps are well thought out steps.


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